Corona arrived in Turkey

Is there difficulty getting masks?
Not now ... easy on line (charged not more than 1TL each (disposable) or the Belediye distribute) ... you can buy more fashion conscious (washable) ones in many shops here too ... people are just lazy/arrogant/sometimes unaware due to a lack of education or help & advice ....
Whooa, another strict lockdown:

*Turkey is setting restrictions on going out this Saturday and next Saturday due to university and high school entrance exams on those days, the Interior Ministry said on June 18.
*There will be a general lockdown on June 20 and 27 between 9.30 a.m. and 3 p.m., said a ministry statement.
*The lockdown will also be in effect on June 28 between 9.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.
Great, I'm looking forward to it! :LOL::rolleyes: What on earth have I to do with turkish university and high school entrance exams ???
Everybody has a facemask in Turkey, it's mandatory to wear a mask in public, but people choose not to...
many wear their masks on the chin, the youngsters think it's cool to wear the mask on the back of the head! How hilarious! :ROFLMAO:
When I ask a woman next to me in a supermarket to please put her mask on her mouth and nose to protect herself and me,
she answers "but it's much too hot" :oops: She's right, to wear a mask for 15 minutes while shopping is asked too much!
Social distancing does not work, look at that picture taken at the Izmir Kordon, where people gather to watch the sunset
and where the authorities painted social distancing circles on the lawn:

Notice how people follow the rules and how many wear their protective face masks (the guy in a white t-shirt!) :love:
Please protect yourself, please take care and please stay healthy! (y)
Ahaaa, they are starting to take measures now:

*People who fail to wear protective face masks will be fined 900 Turkish Liras (around $130) across Turkey starting June 22
*Presently, 48 of Turkey’s 81 provinces have made it mandatory for their residents to wear face masks when they are outside of their homes, while in 33 provinces people are required to have their masks on in public places such as shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, barbershops and hair salons.
Hope that helps against the spread of covid (y)Stay safe everybody
Drives me mad that people are using masks inappropriately. Under the chin, around just one ear, just over the mouth but not the nose. If you’re wearing it.. do it properly. Today I say a man wearing 2... actually worn correctly but each one equally filthy. We need public information films on it. How to put it in, how to take it off, and how long to wear before it becomes ineffective. I think the UK in the coming days will be advocating more widespread use.
Two days ago the number of covid cases in Kuşadası was 6 , today 2 new cases have been found,
so the total number of corona patients has increased to eight!
The Turkish government established a new subcommity that "will prepare recommendations to fact-check and determine inaccurate and incomplete information about COVID-19 and will tackle false claims that create panic among the public"

*the findings obtained so far conclude that citizens failed to understand the importance of the rules sufficiently.
*As the new messages to be given to the people about the coronavirus were evaluated during the meeting, a sub-commission was established to carry out a communication strategy and a media campaign in this context.
*The target audience in the messages to be spread is young people who have reportedly violated the rules the most.
*a young man identified only as Göktuğ S. in the Aegean province of İzmir who refuses to wear a mask while outside complained that the mask was making him sweat a lot.
“They say that everyone will eventually be infected. Those who will die will die and those who will survive will survive,” he said. “Life goes on,” he added
“We already live this life by chance. Who cares if we die,” said Emir Ö., another young man, when asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask..
That's the spirit!!! If Allah wants us to die, we will die...
Together we can beat the virus, take care, stay healthy, let's all do our part to not spread the deadly virus! (y)
This is hilarious:

*Elderly people aged 65 years and over will be able to travel for tourism purposes with a permission obtained from relevant authorities, the Interior Ministry has announced.
But they are aready here!!! All the sites are full of elderly people who arrived here during the strict curfew for people over 65 years old
and during the total travel ban in Turkey :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:

Coming weekend there will be another strict curfew for everybody, except students and their parents / drivers,
on Saturday the curfew will be from 9:30 am to 3 pm, Sunday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm!

Since the announcement of hefty fines for not wearing a face mask, unfortunately nothing has changed,
in Davutlar most people do NOT wear a mask when shopping , even the employees are filling the shelves without wearing a mask...(n):unsure::eek::mad:
Please stay at home during the curfews and please be careful out there, good luck to you all (y):love:
Oooops, I didn't realize that there is apparently still a curfew for 65+ in Turkey:

*Turkey’s elderly citizens are allowed to venture outside between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day as part of the country’s anti-virus precautions.
*Officials in the holiday resort town of Marmaris in the Aegean province of Muğla have decided to exempt elderly foreign visitors aged 65 and over from a curfew
That means there is still a curfew for local and foreign elderly in Kuşadası, don't go out befrore 10am and after 10pm, stay safe everybody, have a great time! :cool:
A lot of confusion about over 65 curfew for foreign tourists
From the U.K. government website update today 16/07/20

As part of its efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus, the Turkish government has imposed curfews. These have been time-limited, or aimed at particular age groups. These can be imposed at short notice and you should stay in touch with local developments.

There remains an ongoing curfew for those who have a chronic medical condition. In addition:

  • Adults over 65 years old, including Residence Permit holders, must stay inside between 8pm and 10am on a daily basis. Mugla and Antalya provinces have announced exceptions to this regulation for foreign tourists over 65. You should check whether your accommodation is in one of these areas before travelling, and follow local announcements.
  • People under 18 years of age are allowed outside at any time but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Beyond these exemptions, people in these categories must not leave their homes. See Travel in Turkey if you fall into one of these categories and need to travel.

So it appears if over 65 tourists go to Mugla or Antalya they are exempt from the curfew.
This doesn’t seem a fair rule, where a fit and healthy local over 65 has to stay at home whilst a tourist from a county, where the virus is more prevalent can dance the night away!!! Hmmmm