Turkey this summer

UK is preparing to announce, within the next two weeks, that holidays to Turkey will be allowed with no need to self quarantine on return.
The Times .. Tuesday 23 June.


Ireland is supposed to be looking at something similar from July. Hopefully it works out with no adverse effects for either Ireland or Turkey.
There has been no official news on a Turkish air bridge put in place from the government yet. Although many papers are reporting that it is coming. I know that both governments of Turkey and U.K. have been discussing the possibility of a bridge being put in place, so keep you fingers crossed this will be made official in the coming week. The Turkish government has put a insurance in place (available at the airport) for around €20 to cover guests from foreign countries who may contact coronavirus whilst on holiday, to cover medical bills.

At the moment tourism is down by 99% and they are actively doing as much as possible to get tourism back on track. Unfortunately it is going to be a struggle for them and will have a massive impact on their economy. Kusadasi has recently had a massive makeover and needs tourism to cover the costs.

It will be good to see restrictions lifted and if people decide to go they really do need to take care both sides of the journey. Act as safely as they possibly can in the circumstances. This pandemic has not gone away and indeed in some countries it is speeding up.
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UK still seem to have huge problems.[/QUOTE]

yes isn’t that the truth! The UK. has been shown today as having the world’s worst coronavirus record in the world!!!
Tonight Leicester has been put back into lockdown for a further two weeks. The dithering idiots who are running this country can and will not make firm decisions! The advice given from the lockdown was implemented has been ambiguous, leaving people confused on what to do, no wonder beaches last weekend were packed. Fines are few and far between, it’s time Boris and his motley crew grew a pair!