Tapu status


Does anyone have received tapu with "Kat irtifaki" means sharing flat not "Kat mulkiyeti" full ownership? and how long does it take to update the status after the inspection report is released!

In my case, I received the tapu with first status even though the inspection report is complete. It's been over six months now.

Any advise.

All the best,

As far as I know, foreign real estate owners in Turkey do not have to change their TAPU from KAT IRTIFAKI to KAT MULKIYETI as long as they are in possession of an ISKAN and YAPI KULLANMA IZNI for the building, according to a goverment order from 2010???
Did you check with the Kadastro in Kuşadası? Anyway, good luck! (y)
Thank you Karin for your reply. I agree with you that it does not require to be changed as long as it's in the possession of an ISKAN or IZNI for building, however the project is complete and I already moved in for living. When i checked with the owner of the project, he acknowledged to change the status, buts due to short working hours in the government offices, it's taking longer than anticipated.
Do i did not check and did not know Kadastro. I will check, thanks for your assistance. :)