Samos Earthquake 7.0 - 30 Oct 2020


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Smiled to myself when one of our news commentators informed us that Izmir was a small town. Has a bigger population roughly half our national population.
Still getting aftershocks in kush. Small one this afternoon. Wild stuff bit like when u get a big gust of storm wind on the side of your house. Only minor internal damage to report from our sitesi. Think we got away light.


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Any expat still living in Kusadasi?
I am hearing about Aydın fault that may cause powerful earthquake and this Samos earthquake (7.0 on the Richter scale) may trigger that one. There is no any estimation on timing.
I can’t imagine what it’s like for people to lose everything in Izmir. It is no big news story here now( Covid rules) and for some people it will be totally out of their minds. How does a city start to rebuild? I’ve also not seen any requests for financial help via disaster fund, but there must be one!! Does anyone know?
If you log into the Kuşadası Belediye Website you will find a lot of info there Christine ... it is so sad for those in Izmir and here we are still experiencing thousands of aftershocks, damage to many buildings and a lot of people are still homeless ... awaiting assessment of/repairs to their buildings ... sleeping in tents outside in the cold or the more vulnerable lodged in hotels. It is very frightening for everyone...
Turkish people help wherever they can, we've seen it 2011 after the earthquake in Van, we see it now in Izmir!
Fair halls are full of blankets, clothing, food, heaters, toys for kids and tons of other desperately needed things, many hotels in Izmir, including the Hilton provide rooms free of charge for earthquake victims, restaurants give out free food and so on and on...
This is the spirit of Turkey, makes me proud to be a resident!!! (y)
Hotels here in Kuşadası are doing the same ... rooms & breakfast without charge ... in conjunction with the Belediye who deliver hot food at regular intervals ... provide food vans on the streets here and food & help for those in tents etc etc ...
Still lots of aftershocks in the Kuşadası area, right now there was one of 4.8 magnitude!
It's scary, the so called "Aydın Fault" is exactly where the highrise flats of Uydukent , Kipa and Kuşadası AVM are situated. Good luck to Kuşadası, hope the predictions of the BIG ONE are not's scientific speculation
I'm just back, got last flight of the season out of Izmir to Dublin. Gosh those high rise flats on the hills at the AVM would be a disaster of shocking proportions. Some are now occupied. My neighbour (semi-detached house) showed me structural movement of about 1" in the internal step of his living room. Otherwise nothing else obvious. Our estate is built on a dramatic hillside with super views. If the Aydin fault kicks off ill be ringing the DASK people :eek:. Fingers crossed for everyone at risk. B