Bought a villa

Just got back from Kusadasi and I think I have bought a 4 bedroom villa.

I say think because it all seemed to simple.

After finding a property I liked the estate agent took me to the notary office, then got me a tax card, paid my deposit and received a commission agreement.

Now I just have to wait for the tapu to be sorted.

Would love to hear from anyone who has purchased property out in Kusadasi and if it was that simple for you.

Hi Kusadasguy

The Tapu should be ready by the 6th December,do you think I should be present or leave it to the estate agent?.

I am told many people do it this way.
Hi Kusadasi-Guy

I have given the right at the notary office for the estate agent to sign on my behalf if I am not present, but was told I have the right to sign if I am there.


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seems no problem Johnson and dont worry (if you didnt give your property selling rights them). they will just complete the bureaucratic processes.

Hi there johnsonspad congrats on the villa how much commision did you have to pay and what estate agent did ya use . I would really appreciate you PM me with the details as myself and my friend are considering buying a place soon.

Thanks in advance

Hello Sue

I flew out on my own on the 18th October, I had pre booked to see three different estate agents over the next three days.

Had seen loads of properties on the net before I went, all looked fantastic all around £30000 to £40000.

The first Two estate agents over the next Two days showed me a load of villas, most were just shells or in need of a lot of repairs.

The Third agent was a very nice lady who only showed me properties in the price range I was looking for and did not try to push me in any way.

When I decided on the property I liked she went back with me and started to deal on my behalf.

The villa was for sale at £35000, she got £5000 of the asking price. She then enquired about all the fittings which in most cases most turkish owners will take when selling eg. light fitting.

At first the owner was going to take only One light fitting which matched her coffee table and the air conditioning unit, the estate agent said she could replace these for about £265.

I then asked if the owner wanted to sell any of the furnishings like the curtains as I had found out it could cost up to £1000 to buy in turkey, the estate agent then went round the villa pointing at nearly every piece of furniture.

In the end I got whole contents for £566 including all the garden furniture and the air conditioning unit.

So here is a breakdown of costs:-

Villa £30000
furniture £566
agents fees £900
purchase tax £500
notary fee £40
soliciter £95

After agreeing prices estate agent sorted out notary agreement, tax card and commission agreement within Two hours, Paid my £3000 deposit and now have to wait about Six weeks for my tapu.

It was really that easy ( I hope ).

If you would like to know the name of the agent I will be more than happy to let you know when I have completed as until then I wont be sure if this is all safe.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.


Hey johnson

I am real estate in Kusadasi.

What you have to do is : to wait from your real estate to call you when the military approve your apply.Then you can come to kusadasi and pay the rest and get the tapu otherwise if you gave power of attorney then you dont have to come to Kusadasi , you transfer the money and your estate agent gets the tapu for you and send it to you.

Thats how we do it.And about how long it will take ?

You have to tell me if your real estate agent send them to Jandarma (local military) or to izmir main office.Law about this case changed again realy bull sh1t!

Its a long story ha :)
if its jandarma then in 6 weeks you must have the tapu for sure but if its izmit then around 6-12 weeks.

I hope i could help.
If you have more questions i can help you.charge free!! :))

By the was this is my first post on this web page and i have to thank to web master and admins , its a really nice looking page.

Blimey Kate let me finish buying it first then I will let you know.

Thanks for your help jan81tr if I have anymore questions will mail you.

Oh one question my villa has a gas cooker but saw no gas bottles, do some properties have piped gas or is it all bottled.

Gas bottle

Yes Brian , some properties , mostly new built villas have piped gas but its not common in Kusadasi yet.

Its mostly gas bottles , like i have in my own house.


Hi ther johnspad thanks for all the helpful info your a little dote . I am going to print off all this post and bring it with me when i go back to kusy
Hi Johnsons pad

Hi there

How is it going with the villa. Have you got the tapu yet? Was it as easy as you said? I am going to buy in the next couple of months. I am interested in the Peach Resort, Silver Sands beach. Have you heard of it. It seems very nice on the internet. Looking forward to viewing it soon.

Hi everyone

I got my tapu through on Friday wooohooo. :cheesy:

My agent has been in and checked all the furniture has been left and has changed all of the locks for me.

So it is now all mine.

Was going to fly out last Thursday to settle everything myself, but after finding a flight for £284 I left it to long booking and the only one I could find jumped up to £799 (big difference).

So it will be the end of January before I can go when the prices are cheaper.

I will let everyone now when the house warming party is and you are all welcome!.

If I can help anyone with questions about buying in Kusadasi let me know.



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Congratulations!!! not jealous..i just always go a shade of green when people buy villas in Kusadasi!! :shock:

I bet it is a huge relief knowing that everything has gone thru & the place is 'officially' yours!!

How lovely owning a holiday home ... one day i WILL own one!!!