Turks and Greeks throughout EU

Well you know the issue ... Turks think that Greeks think all day how can they destroy Turkey, and Greek think the same viceversa. The problem is not Instanbul , or Izmir, or Kusadasi... the problem is the rest of the country. Turkey has 2 faces, the european one and the asian one... Most greeks don't know how Turkey is, the late years many greeks started small trips to Turkey, they even buy homes, and land... but that only on the Agean Side... Let's not forget that Greeks and Greek Cypriots have more to benefit from a European Turkey , compared to the rest countries of the EU...

btw i have a turkish friend from Izmir (studies in Instanbul economics), i will probably visit him during next year...


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hello PeiramatoZwo;

believe me i dont think that Greeks think how can destroy our country. When i heard "Greece" then just remember Greece's helps in 1999, 17 Aug "Izmit" Earth Quake.

Hope i will visit Greece soon.
Those were difficult days... we were preparing to come over and help, when the earthquake striked athens... (i am a boyscout). So we stayed and helped here. I still remember those days, one leader from Turkey come over, and i helped her move around and talk to people...

You know that i wasn't talking for whole turks. I was talking about the majority of people in both countries.

Well enough with the greekturkish relationships , in case you want to talk about it let's open a new topic! This is EU and Turkey topic!


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Welcome to new topic Peiramato Zwo ;)

as i said, when somebody talk about Greece (or Greeks) i just remember earthquake in Izmit. Your government had sent us a rescue team to help Turks and we had sent rescue team to help Greeks when Athens earthquake happened those days.
Just joined today, i haven't read the whole forum.

Greek Turkish relations are not so easy... i think we can see it nowadays , turkish (military) aircrafts flew near an island in west aegean, and this created a fuss here in athens. These symbolic gestures during the earthquakes and the Euro, unfortunately don't solve the problems.
Offcourse they do it (each time something like this happens each country reports it to ICAO) , but the problem is other, turkish side speaks about "unsolved" problems in Aegean sea, and Greece speaks about one "unsolved" problem. Turkey demanded half of the Aegean Area (the east side) to get under the control of the Instanbul FIR, offcourse Athens won't accept Turkish control on the sky above Greek Islands, and so every turkish flight inside the Athens FIR, is being considered as part of this strategy to create many problems, so when the time comes to go into negotiations turkish side can step back in this issues (where it's chances are none to zero), and earn some things where they trully want.


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What can i say?

We must be closer to eachother, right? So, bring more Greeks to this forums. At least i need Greek friends for my Greece trip next summer ;)

We should not wait the peace! We should create it..
:shock: Well we are not in war... we simply have constant conflicts!! :| If you visit athens drop me a message and i will show you around! (I don't think greek turkish relations are going to improve unless Turkey starts the process of joining the Eu... let's see!
turks and greeks don't have conflicts any more, we just have people who has alergic to each other... i don't know about greece but here, most of people don't care about turkish-greek relations or like greek and only a few are agaist greece.

and i would like you to visit istanbul one day to see that in music shops, there are playing greek music so often while you walkin in istiklal street... and i haven't heard anything like any greek tourist here in turkey had any problem with its nationality!
My friend unfortunately you are talking about Greek Turkish Relations between people... when it comes to relations as coutnries things are quite different. Greeks don't hate turks, they simply think they are misinformed... If you start talking with greeks about the disputes between our countries you will see that they feel and say pretty much the same things as the "leaders" of the country.