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Hi Deanlo, welcome to the Kusadasi Forums, pls click to link above and read the whole topic, if you still have any question about restaurants here, just let us know ;)

enjoy your stay!
I love Anatolia restaurant, its at the temple of bar street, the food, entertainment and people are sooo lovely... Iv been going for 7 years and wouldn't change it for the world... O and the men a rather lush but hands off ozcan... He's mine and has been for 4 years... O how i love him xxxx
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I agree with you Croushy. I have no idea who this kt4mustafa person is, but their post are cracking me up. :lmfao:
good restaurant? best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deanlo said:
Anybody got any good value restaurants in the Kusadasi area worth trying?

Many thanks
Casablanca grat food great people who own it and the staff are really friendly
I like the special restaurant good food nice staff,relaxing atmosphere.and lift home when finished its on the same road as golden oldies on the right 50mt up Tony&beth ps they are great with kids