Kusadasi = North Pole????


Rose of Kusadasi
For any of you who're missing the sun and heat here in Kusadasi dont worry too much coz its f-f-f-f-f-freezing at the minute!
Im sitting in work with the electric heater going full blast and wearing my winter coat!


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aww Ally!! is it really that cold??

We had snow here in England Last week, it got to -6 in my town over the weekend. some places in North scotland went down to -13!!

You must be Warmer than us!!!!!!! :cheesy:

ps... if you must got to work in your Bikini .. what do you expect??? :razz:
hey cool. 11 °C like in germany. but sun is shining here. :razz:

but sitting in work with a coat? oh oh... my window is open and i i have the blinds closed. :razz: again


Rose of Kusadasi
Just been on the phone to my mum back in Belfast and she said it was quite nice there.
I can actually see my breath coming out of my mouth - and Im not even outside! :cry:
Havent had the courage to take my coat off since I got to work this morning. :(
poor ally! no heating in there? but you work in a normal house with walls and a roof hm? i can´t believe breath is comin out of ya mouth! that´s terrible! :console2:


Rose of Kusadasi
Hi Andrea :wave:

Yeah I do miss Belfast a bit; mainly the shops. Kusadasi is c*ap for clothes shopping. I went to Istanbul in January and spent a fortune in "normal" shops like Dorothy Perkins, River Island etc. Thank god my mum always brings me over a few things everytime she's here.
I miss decent nights out in the city centre; Dempseys was our favourite for Saturday nights. I miss being able to ring up for a chinese/indian delivery. I miss having an Ulster Fry at the weekend.

Now that I think of it; I miss it a lot more than I thought :oops:


Rose of Kusadasi
Hi Anissa

Ive been back living in Kusadasi since 2002 but lived here back in '90-'93.
Ive been married 14 years.
No, I dont regret moving to Turkey, even though I miss all those things about Belfast I still think we made the right decision to move back.

How many times a year do you come to Kusadasi? Have you got a guy here????
it was my first but definitive not my last time in kusadasi this october. only one week! too short!

i never thought that turkey has such beautiful guys! i was :shock: when i stepped out of the plane. in germany most are snobbish and not that good looking. they think wonder who they are and if they open their mouth there comes a lot of s*** out of it.

but no. i have no guy there. i wish it would be that way.
he´s married. :cry:
I never met Turkish guys from Germany, just a girl in my hotel in Kus who was very nice n good lookin! But i bet most of these guys are like in France. Sometimes when im in Kus n see young people from France there, im ashamed... ;)