whats kusadasi like??


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Ahaha Hey Oz, how's it goin? (get on Msn!)

Kusadasi's the best, you'll love it.

You know you're coming in my suitcase next year. Just don't tell Sharon. :p
At the beginning, Kusadasi was a little fisherman's town. I think that famous pirate Barbaros lived there. Now it is a real holiday station.

Above 55 000 people live there out of season, and lots more from may til november! There are hundreds hotels there n even campings.

The centrum is like a big commercial center with lots of shops : jewelleries, clothes (imitation) shops, music shops, rent-a-car, restaurants, bars...

Dont be shoked, if ure often hassled by sellers or waiters in the street. They use to work like that. At the begining u may feel agressed. But time after time u forget this feelin.

There are lots of place to visit near Kusadasi : Efes, Pamukkale, Bodrum, Selçuk. Its very intersting.

Night life is one of the main attraction in this city : Beach clubs along the see, Irish bars in the center (bar street), bars n discos near the PTT...

There is a little beach in the center, but whithout interest. U can go to Kustur Beach at citys north, or Ladies Beach (very famous) @ south. There r lots of beaches in the suburbs too (long beach, green beach)

Enjoy the partyyyyy!!!! :cheesy: