Why Greece backs the bid


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Athens and Ankara strengthen ties
As European leaders discuss whether to start entry talks with Ankara, the BBC's Europe correspondent, Chris Morris, looks at Turkey's relationship with its closest European neighbour - Greece.

How times have changed.

Back in 1996, Greece and Turkey came to the brink of war in a dispute over a pair of uninhabited rocky outcrops in the Aegean Sea. Now Greece is an enthusiastic supporter of Turkey's membership of the European Union.

How times have changed.

Back in 1999, Turkey's most wanted man - the Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan - was found hiding in the Greek embassy compound in Kenya. This year, the Greek Prime Minister, Costas Karamanlis, was the guest of honour at the wedding in Istanbul of the daughter of his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Things are not perfect. Turkey and Greece still have very real differences about Cyprus and about territorial disputes in the Aegean. But on both sides, strategic decisions have been taken that they should make an effort to get along.

The days when a Greek foreign minister described the Turks as "murderers, rapists and thieves" seem to have gone for good.

Earthquake diplomacy

How did it happen? Well, there had been pressure for years from within Nato and the EU for the two countries to resolve their differences in a more mature fashion.

And when Turkey and Greece were hit by devastating earthquakes in quick succession in the second half of 1999, politicians were quick to send rescue teams, clothing and food supplies.

"Earthquake diplomacy" was born and ordinary people on both sides suddenly realised how much they had in common.

Well Greece also believes that we can't be the bad guys always... we were the one threating with a veto, but other countries are stronger opposers of Turkeys entrance in the EU.
Merhaba friends and welcome to the UNITED EUROPE.
I think there are no serious difference.We are all human.
Regards from a sunny Thessaloniki.


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