Silly Willy EU !


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Hi All, this is personal thought from me, your fellow Kusadasi-Guy;

Turkey belive that EU is a salvation but i dont belive. Joining to EU is really a big step but there is no need to be beggar.

And now, EU is still talk childish and thats pissed me off!

Look at this:

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan met Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende twice in the early morning hours but failed to break the impasse over Cyprus.

A draft summit statement circulated by the Dutch presidency before dawn said the EU expected Turkey to initial an accord on Friday giving Cyprus de facto recognition, and to sign it before Ankara opens membership talks.

But diplomats said the demand for an immediate initialling was dropped after the Dutch, British, French, German and Greek leaders produced compromise proposals. Instead, Erdogan could make a "voluntary" commitment to sign the accord soon.

"Things are looking a lot better now," a British official said. "That might be enough to get Turkey on side."
Overall, there are few words to say to EU; "Hey EU, play your game with your own friends - we may find another friends for another game".

If i was Prime Minister of Turkey then i would kick EU's door and come to home and find another solutions for our lovely country.
There is something that I wanna say; It is much much better to join an Arab Union after the way EU treated us.
We actually don't need to be a member of any Union. We, as Turkey are strong enough to handle our economy. We have nothing to lose. Let EU think about what they will lose.
We, as Turkey are strong enough to handle our economy. We have nothing to lose. Let EU think about what they will lose.
:shock: :shock: In case some people have forgotten, Turkey applied to enter the EU, no one begged for them... Especially that part about strong economy. Turkey will only benefit from an EU entrance. I must ask ,"What exactly did you expect ?" , and "What did they (media, government ) made you expect" ...


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Yes, Turkey will have benefits from joining to EU but also EU will get benefits. Let me ask a question You. Do you think that You have better economic conditions after joining to EU?

For example, i dont expect better economic conditions. But the world will be better, Turkey become a bridge between Arabic countries and Turkey will a perfectly good example for that countries for example.

What I expect more? We will have better democratic conditions. Hey, maybe one day i will move to Greece and live in Athens and visit your mystical-historical places, why not?

What will happen to Kusadasi? More blue flags to our beaches! :clap: Kusadasi will be better!
What I expect from EU is exactly nothing. I know that it won't help our economy any better. One thing for sure is that we will be a more expensive country to visit. Even tourism will go down cause the prices will be the same as in Hawaii. Guess why Spain is loosing visitors every year. Is it because that Spain is a terrible country? No, It is because the prices has gone high. It is the same for Greece. What else can EU can give us? Nothing more than high prices.

Germany had a great economy before joining the EU. Now the prices has gone up double. They can't even go for a holiday now. This is a result of Euro.

We never knew that Turkey had applied for the EU years ago. It was all done secretly by the government of those times. You can't blame all of us for that.

Nobody needs a permition to get a blue flag from the EU. The beaches won't be any better if there is a flag hanging down a pole or not. They will be blue as always. EU won't help you on moving down to Athens. That is a problem between Athens and Ankara. You can't move there unless the Greeks wants you to. Not the EU. I believe that we will have better democratic conditions in ten years any way. We will have it as the generation changes. We still have old generation in the government. That's why it seems like we don't have good democratic conditions. Nothing will change as the menthality stays as it is. Theese have got nothing to do with the EU.


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No Viva,

EU will put BENCHMARKS that we must apply to our industries. For example they will say that decrease the agriculture population from %30 to at least %10, privatize your telecominication sector, do better highways, stop those bullshit building in coastal areas like we see in Kusadasi ...etc

Please dont tell me that Kusadasi Beaches are pretty clean.

About moving to Greece? Actually i dont mind to move to Greece, i am pretty happy here but in the future my son may fall of a beauty Greek lady and he would like to move to Greece. And Greece goverment must apply that.
It's not a matter of Greek-Turkish relations, it's a matter on whether you know what EU is... Greece has a lot of benefits from being an EU member... we are after all members of the Euro currency, which it may have some negative things today, but's it's the currency of the future... well i simply asked because i don't think many turkish had the information about what EU is exactly. I think they expected EU to be an organization as the Islamic Council , or NATO... it's a completely different thing.
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan met Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende twice in the early morning hours but failed to break the impasse over Cyprus.

Well i don't know about today, legally Turkey will never enter the EU, unless all countries accept the entrance, so some people may start rethinking about the Cyprus issue. I think until next october the Americans will start pressing Cypriots to go back into peace talks.