Ladies Beach - Winter Picture


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Ladies beach is very nice in the summer, the only bad thing is how busy it gets!!
but believe me .. it looks nothing like this picture!

ladies beach is nice in the evening, there are some really nice resturants and bars, and watching the sun set over the beach is AMAZING!!!

This link shows some pictures from the summer
it does look really nice, but people tell me it is not the nicest beach to go to. when i was there i spent most of my time at ladies beach.
oh believe me it's so uch colder here ;-)
well, it's ok here but all those people are annoying me. I'd love to be alone for some time.. and anyways I miss Kuşadası so much
Wow cant belive it looks like that ... Good it's not like that in the summer, bcause i wouldnt set my feet on there if it looked like that..
Anyway miss Kusadasi and ladies beach cant wait for summer to come


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Damn_Fine_Black_Girl said:
U should! in my opinion ladies beach is the best.
And if u wanna see the bar st boys a bit more naked ladies beach is the place to go :p
Ssscchhh Charlotte!! don't give away the ladies beach secrets!!! ;)