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andy said:
hey did everyone have a nice new year. so wat type of parties did ya all get up to.
i went to a few different parties that New Years Eve, i felt i had to show my face coz i was invited. I hate New Years eve though, so much hype... But it was really reallllllllllllllly fun, & Mella went delier than usual :D (If thats humanly possible)
andy said:
happy new year and i hope santa emptied his sack to everyone and they enjoyed it all.
I have been on a holiday with a group of my very close friends. And we had a party in the disco near our hotel. We havent known anyone but we ended up with 15 different people at our (really BIG) table. It was one of the greatest New Years Eve parties I have ever had. (Maybe that is because of that vodka-gyn-tequila-whisky-4differentliquers-andGodKnowsWhatElse I had that night :eek:). I ended up at the table dancing with this cute boy to the music I have never even imagined I'll dance to...:doh:
And I appologize for I am this late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! I hope you will all have a lot of good health, love and succes!
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I Have Posted This Message 3 Times But Happy New Year And May All Your Boks Come Through

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