Need a cheap hotel


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where abouts did you want to stay?? centrum, Ladies beach??
look on the Hotel pages, quite a few reasonably priced options on there.
Hope you find something


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Hello Nikki, welcome to Kusadasi Forums;

I noticed that you are from Ireland (i am administrator of this forum and i can track members ip addresses) . And i you are looking for a cheap hotel i can recommend my personal choices...

1- Ekin Hotel - Ladies Beach

2- Prestige Hotel Kurdoglu - 1,5 km away from downtown

3- Nilay Hotel - centrum
(i stayed at Nilay Hotel lastnight, customers are mostly from the UK and Ireland - they were so happy)

You can also tell us that which area do you looking for accommodation (and number of adults / number of children - or no children).

Hi Nikki, There is a nice cheap hotel on Ladies Beach called 'Ladies Beach Hotel' and its £5 per night (i dont know how much euros that is :roll: ) Its a really modern, new hotel and its bright yellow so you can't miss it. Ive never stayed there but I asked to see the rooms and the staff were more than happy to show me around and they were very helpful. There is a restaurant underneath it..I forget the name but it does great food and also there is a pool table. :cheesy: