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Izmir is the main city in the Aegean region and the third largest in Turkey.

Its ideal location, on a natural bay, enabled the development of a large port which has contributed to the successful development of Izmir.

This is one of Turkey's most pleasant cities: its streets are shaded by palm trees, the walkways are beautiful, the houses elegant.

The most summer sun is cooled by winds blowing in from the sea.

Izmir is the ancient city of Smyrna, "the country of the sacred mother". It existed even before the arrival of the Hittites and has been ruled by lonians, Persians, Romans and Ottomans. But unfortunately few traces of Izmir's magnificent past remain. A fire at the end of the Turkish-Greek war in 1922 destroyed a great part of the city, and the newly built Izmir today is modern and gleaming.

Its economic development is linked to the port and the various industrial enterprises.

The final destination of the "King's Road", which links with Iran, Izmir continues to be a focal point of tourism and entertainment, renowned for its fish restaurants along the shore, its bars, discotheques and night clubs.

Its hinterlands are rich in monuments and ruins which tell the tale of countless ancient civilizations.



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I found the picture a few days ago .. it looks really nice!!!

I love photos taken at night ... the lights make everything look so lively!!

Is there a beach there? or is it just a harbour?


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I wanna goto Izmir..Someone showed me some pics it looks lovely! I am going to go to Goztepe to support and be a hooligan for the football club!! wohoo come on Goztepe
I was two times in Izmir, but i didnt like it so much. i found some very pretty views but.. somethin was missin. Maybe becos its a big city, n i wasnt in the best areas... dont know :p
Carmella said:
I wanna goto Izmir..Someone showed me some pics it looks lovely! I am going to go to Goztepe to support and be a hooligan for the football club!! wohoo come on Goztepe
Carmella my girl :p Göz Göz Göztepe :cool:

I would recommend people to see Alsancak, in my opinion it's the best area in Izmir... Karsiyaka is lovely to.
Oh and dont forget to visit kemeralti (the bazar) in Konak.. when u see the prices they have their compaired to kusadasi u will be choked.
Another thing that can chok u is how busy izmir is! :confused:
Has anyone been to the National Park in Izmir? I was supossed to go at xmas but spent most of my time in Foca. I'd love to see it though!
Izmir's Culture and Tourism Department had announced that 1,138,000 people visited Izmir during 2004. And 763,000 of this amount is foreign.

Also the ratio increased by %42.64 according to 2003.

Go Izmir ! :)
Izmir Nightlife

If u go to Izmir, u have to try out the nightlife, its amazing! They r nothing like what u see in bar st, they r huge, and full with turkish party people. U have to pay entrence to get in, and the prices for drinks a r bit more expensive then Kusadasi, but not much.
Clubs u should go to: Neo, Jade and club 33 r they best in my opinion.
If u like to listen to live music, u should go to Kordon, they got lots of really nice bars there and the atmosphere is amaizing, and its nice that u can sit outside in the breeze looking at the habour.

If u go to Izmir, think it would be best during the fall, winter. Its a lovely city, with so many things to do and see, defenatly a place to see
x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
hmmm i love pics at night there gorge thats also why i love night flights! thats a gorge pic and i realli wanna visit izmir going to the airport is not enough xxx

Izmir airport is SO boring, nothing like its city.. I also like to fly over izmir in the night time, its so beautiful


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Lol I Love waiting at airports..Just the atmosphere and people watching, you see some right wierdos! I hate it when you arrive back home though and you see other people just heading off to go on Holiday :(

The nightlife in Izmir sounds cok guzel, definately gunna check it out one of these days..
that is the worst thing ever seeing everyone else going on hol! i also hate it wen u get back to the airport in your own country u feel like uv left everything behind and when u gotta bf there its so difficult cas u cant just pop over whenever! i always feel lost when i get home and it makes england feel so shit! xxx