Top 10 funniest chat up lines off the Turks!!!

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1. darling are you tired youve been running through my mind all day
2. nice legs what time do they open!!!shocking!!!
3. are u real???
4. oh my god you are so beauiful your breaking my heart!!!
5. would you like to see my stamp collection lady???
6. i will miss you like i would miss water in a desert!!!
7. come with me i will show you some turkish delight!!
8. you look like jennifer lopez!!!yeah right!!!
9. how many camels can i buy u for???
10. baby girl i can see your nipples!!!rude!!!
" i had a problem at my job today, i dont have money for paying drinks @ bar street tonite. Ill stay at home. Do u want to go with me?"
ha ha ha ha
2. nice legs what time do they open!!!>>> did someone really tell u that? omg!
someone actually once shouted at me "baby are u a spice girl coz i want to make u a mama" laughed all the way down the street!
doncha just love em?!!!
I used to say that
Can I show you something you have never seen before ?(JOKINGLY OF COURSE)-
but nice legs what time do they open is the best ....
thats ones been sed to me a few times but not a gorgeous handsome starnger it was a fat man of about 50 who said it to me in the bazzare!!! iv also had the spice girl ones which are a bit outdated worst one was when they called my mum princess diana!!!
-You broke my heart (because I didn't talk to him :D )
-I'm here for 1 month now and I still don't have any friends... do you want to be my girlfirend? :huh:
-(he talked to me in turkish saying he would like to get to know me, I answered in german saying I don't want to and he shouted to his friends:) Oh no! She's a tourist! What shall I do now?? :lmao:
andy said:
they do come up strange ones like, i had the one bout no friends do u wanna be my girl for 2 weeks.
Yeah i had it 2! do u wanna be my girlfriend for all ur holidays? dont worry ill be faithful durin all this time (too hard, guy!)
yea croushy that one bout the kissing is so true. you get it so much when you walk through the shops. When me and my mate went shoppin i had someone who liked to walk me down the street trying to get a kiss it was so funny. And my mate got dragged into one shop at one stage its funny like.
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