Nappies for my son

I have been asking every body i can but nobody can answer me the following question:
My family and I are coming over to Kusadsi in 2 weeks, my son is 16 months old, and still requires nappies! Are they easily obtainable there at hotels or near by shops? we are staying at the Tusan Hotel. Thanking you advance for your help


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Hello JC and welcome to Kusadasi Forums;

I am not sure that you can buy nappies for your child in Tusan Hotel but i am as sure as my name that you can buy nappies for your child in shops. And there are lots of shops just near the Tusan Hotel.

Every year, thousands of families are coming to Kusadasi with their babies and they are happily coming back to their homes.

Please dont worry and prepare yourself and your family for a great vacation.

Kindest Regards.

hi jc just a line to say that you can buy nappies but they might not be the same make as what you use at present /i would buy the disposable inner paper liners usually for real nappies just in case with the heat and sweating the child might get a rash with using a diff erent make my children are bad enough with a change of soap powder or soap when they were in nappies i had to use the liners all the time they are very cheap and you can get them from most shops i bought them at home and just took them everwere in the car please let me know what the hotel is like we are going there in july and we are taking teenagers hope you enjoy your hols and enjoy turkey julie :
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How did you find Tusan - any tips/comment - will be there in three or so weeks. We have two children 14/16. Food/Drink etc OK? Enough to drink? Service OK?

Did you get your nappies OK?
keep your baby in the shade, and use babyprotecting lotion.

Hi there, mother of the baby. The real enemy for little children whith their delicate skin is the sun. Protect it whith a hat, a parasol, and lotion. Buy a little evil eye to put on the parasol or his stroller, and have a wonderful holiday whith your family. I travelled far and often whith mine, starting age 2. Nappies are over then. But ofcourse there are nappies and products for babycare. Don't carry too much in your luggage!