turkish army!!!

does nebody have any info on the army in turkey like what they do and their triang and all that stuff!!!my boy gone to army n wud like to know what its like 4 him!!!

from what ive heard its not easy at all the turkish army.
15long months for them (think its 15 now)
what they do! have no idea but im happy in not gonna try it.
and the best of luck to the guys that r going soon :bigok:
you know what i mean andy set the house on fire just to see those yellow hats hemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i shop lift just to get caught you get me , and demand to be put in a sell
Oh my army days ..How proudfull i felt you never know ...if you really love your country you do it with pleasure....But of course sometimes its hard especially night shifts and when you miss your home your family and kusadasi...then too bad ...I was trainer soldier so i tranied hundreds soldiers ...well we dont treat them so nice they have to fallow the orders if they dont want to then we punish them like whole night shift hundreds push ups send them to washing the dishes (horrible) and humilate them infront of all the soliders and more punishments .

Yeah i saw a pic of my guy in the uniform and it was yummy, ha was quite lucky though cos he was army police in his national service 2 years ago so he was lookin after the other soldiers. He didnt get such a hard time of it because of that. But he says he did see some pretty horrendous things when he was in the army, and i have heard that unfortunately a lot of young men tragically commit suicide while in the army. :( It's tough, but most get through it, and your boyf will too, he's a toughie!!! :)


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It sounds tough. But i sometimes wonder if it would be better if we still had that in Britain. It seems to teach them disapline, ect. Which isn't nessesarily a bad thing.

There is this Turkish man, that lives near my house in Holland now, and he used to be an animator in Bodrum. He married this Dutch girl just to get out of going to The Army. Now he isn't allowed to go back to Turkey for quite awhile...All because he didn't want to go in the army.
I know it's really tough, but you are right, cos there are definately a lot of young men in Ireland who could do with having a little discipline instilled in them and some national service wouldnt do any harm for them! :mad: lol

I Think Every Guy That Goes Into The Turkish Army Learns A Lot But At What Price As They Are All So Family Orientated I Think They Miss There Families So Much Sometimes Its So Hard To Bear. I Cant Afford To Knock The Military Training But I Do Know A Lot Of The Guys Come Back Changed They Become A Lot Quieter And Its Like They Have Lost Something Of Themselves When They Come Back. As For The Uniforms Their Cool But Just The Shirts On Nothin Else
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Your Probably Right But Maybe What I Meant Was That The Military Tends To Make You Grow Up

However Just Shirts On For Me Is Fine La La Cok Deli Arkadasim

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