2004's new pictures


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Great Pictures!!!!
Nice to see so familiar places, loved all the ladies beach photos!!!
My favorite restuarant Sherwoods!! :cheesy:


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Pictures of Kusadasi

HiperGurl said:

We are waiting more.
Our plan is taking 1000 photos this summer. So trust me that more Kusadasi pictures are on the way.
Well done Kusadasi-Guy, Great to see some pictures of Kus!
Makes the site much more colourful and helpful!
Hope to see more in the future and it's great to see some of Ladies Beach in there aswell..it always gets forgotten about! And the pigeon houses look great..unusual but great! :clap:
new pictures

hey kusadasi guy, nice pictures. are you also going to take some pictures at night? when people are working and having fun in barstreet? that would be awsome. maybe you can find tommy (jola) for me in paradise bar and take a picture of him??? then i would be sooooooooooo happy. :razz: thnx.
Having looked at the photogrsaphs, I think Rosys cafe and the kiwi restaurant were 2 of the places that i visited some 10 years ago...the names may have changed but they look familiar.
Nice pics indeed, what more can i say...

I really hope your plan will work out to take some pictures at nighttime.
It would be great fun seeing everyone on this site while they are working!

Take care and keep up the good work! :clap:
OH MY GOD! i was happily looking through the pics and i clicked on the 'sweet family' at sherwood cafe on ladies beach pic and was shocked to see my best friend starin back at me!!!!! she went to kusadasi for the season with the others there and me and our other mate went over to see her for the summer. WOW! sorry a bit excited lol, any way jus thought i would let u all know!
No one are from my hotels area. Sherwood or Rosys cafe i didnt even know these names. OMG 8 times in Kus n i dont know half of the places there! Luckily, there is my 'tulip lale' @ 'nightlife'!