Hi All,

Justy wondering if any of you have ever used one of those small exercise trampolines.
I recently got one and have spent the last few evenings bouncing around like a lunatic!
I know "no pain no gain" but I feel as if I am about 90. After a few days on my trampoline I am crippled and hobbling about like I don't know what. Please tell me there will be a slimmer me at the end of the tunnell!
Am I wasting my time?? All advice welcome.
Thanks sweeties


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You may know already that bouncing on mini trampolines is called rebounder exercise. Rebounder exercise has many important benefits:

*Stimulates your metabolism
*Increases oxygen capacity
*Improves your sense of balance
*Increases oxygen circulation to tissues
*Circulates the lymph (cleans accumulated toxins from the body)
*Tones up the glandular system, especially the thyroid (Proper thyroid functioning is paramount to reducing fat)
*Strengthens the heart
*Increases energy and sense of vitality
*Firms and tones the muscles

Most of all though it is FUN!! I used to have one and it made me feel like such a kid again. Stick on your music and bounce along, or when Eastenders is on, watch that whilst using it. You're just aching because you are probably using muscles that you havent used in awhile, once you get used to it, it will get easier.

Purifying the lymphatic system is vital for ridding your body of cellulite ... since [the body] doesn't have a pump, like the heart, it must be exercised ... the best way to do this--to give those fatty deposits the old heave-ho--is by cleansing your lymphatic system either with a bouncing action or by moving your arms while walking briskly ... use of mini trampoline has proven to be an efficient form of exercise with virtually no harmful side effects ... in approximately two weeks, you should notice that your legs, buttocks and ankles are becoming toned and those orange peel-like cellulite deposits are smoothing out.

So keep it up and eventually you will definately notice a difference :)

Thanks for that Mella.
Ya I had looked up a few websites and found out all about rebounder exercise, but thanks for the great info anyway. I 'm glad to say the aching has stopped, in fact I'm really starting to enjoy it. I will keep you posted about the cellulite............ if this really works then I would recommend you all start bouncing. I feel like Tigger.....boing boing!!
i have to say carmella that is very good information!!!! might have to go and get one now!!!

take up a job in selling those things!!!! lol!!

i can see that make the headlines of the newspapers a big award ceremony and everything!!!

just dont forget me who gave you the idea!!! lol


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Don't worry i won't...

I would like to thank my parents for having that drunken fumble 21 years ago, i would also like the thank god, my trampoline selling boss, my PR team, The cok deli gang who kept me strong and gave me hope through everything, my fans who mean the world to me, Oh hell yeah and JUDY, who has given me the wonderful idea that one Friday afternoon in January..she has been without doubt my Inspiration through my venture. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu *Does a Little Curtsie*
well done

that was a very good speech

you are an insperation to every girl out there who has ever wanted a trampoline!!! the world is so proud of you!!!!

what would the world of done without your mum and dads fumble all them years ago!!!!!!