Most embarrasing moments in Kusadasi!!!

1. falling off my sunbed backwards n lieing in the sand with my legs stuck up in the air!!!surrounded by fit hunks!!they all laughed their tits off at me!!!

come on getting adding!!! :eek:
Mine was when I was in one of those Turkish saunas and the washer guy was frothing the soap up and my swimtop slid down and you can guess the rest!!!!Blo#dy slippery soap...Well, what else can one do but to cover up quickly and smile!!!!
my mate has been shamed in hammam too. It was near Tropicano. I was lucky becos my hammaci was a lady, but she had a man who didnt stop laughin at her. He made her bathclothe like a string etc... he wasnt perverse, he did it just for jokin n it made her laughin too. But in a moment, she was with her "string' n her bra taken off, and 5 or 6 french people entered while she was like naked! ha ha
i was so embrassed when i just arrived in turkey, when i was walking out of the airport and seen the driver of r car and i tripped and fell and my suitcase went half way done the road.


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Not that many embarrassing things have happened to me in Turkey. Hmm..

Well i had to forge a persons signature because my friend ordered a load of drinks in a hotel we werent even staying at, then told the barman to charge them to room 567 and he said could you sign and she made me sign it.I couldnt think of a false name and the first one that came to mind was 'Regina Falangy' (got that name off of Phoebe in f.r.i.e.n.d.s lol) A few minutes later he came over and said ''sorry, i have just checked and there is no 'Miss Regina Falangy' staying in room 567.'' i was a little embarrassed :eek:
i did embarass myself once even tho i didnt care at the time!we went to this big market in soke and they sold stuff like live chickens n stuff!well my biggest phobia is birds and i know it sounds stupid but i am absolutely terrified of chickens. anyway we were coming home and i got on the bus n this turkish woman came and sat next 2 me with a box full of supposedly dead chickens!iwas there have a silent panic attack in the corner not thinking it cud get any worse until one of the bastard chickens heads comes out of the box like "sqwauk!!!" i have never ever screamed so much in my life all these people were staring at me like was a nutter well not many people are scared of chickens i suppose but oh my god i have never been back to that bluddy matket again n i still have nightmares!!lol!!
i think one little embarrasing moment was probably falling off the bar in paddys. i was a tad tipsy and misjudged how far away the bench was, lol i blame the drink!


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kusadasigirl69 said:
i am absolutely terrified of chickens.
I've never heard of anyone being scared of chickens before hehe!

Well i would have been the same if someone next to me had a box full of spiders.

hehe@your story. u nutta :D
Falling off the bar

I'd say quite a lot of us have fallen off one bar or another during our trips to Kus, I know I certainly have!!
One time I was dancing away "shaking my thang" but was slightly wobbly due to drink and rather high heels. So I had a great idea... take the shoes off. So I did and decided to throw them down to my friends who were sitting at the opposite side of the bar. Anyway some poor fella got caught in the crossfire :box: and ended up with a bloody nose courtesy of my lovely silver sandals. :doh: Slightly embarrassing........ and by the way I never did find those shoes so if any of you ever found silver high heeled sandals in Paddys bar, hand them over!!! :cheers:
i have to say it would be hard to beat that one oonie!!!! beating people up as well i have to say you make sure you do it right!!!!

i have to say i cant think of any by andy if you can let me know!!!!

by the way andy falling was the funniest thing you have ever seen in your life!!!! she just thought he was so lovely!!!! lol :D
I think one of the most embarrasing things was walking out of our room everyday... lol, we had a room where the bathroom window led right out onto reception so the people who worked there could here everything we ever said lol, plus one time there was this huge bug running round our room, it was like and earwig but like
this long lol, so we were screaming our heads off about how big it was dressed in just our bikinis coz we had just got back from the beach and then someone shoves their head in our window and just squashes it with their hand...the manager women walks out he shows it to her and she takes it and is like 'Its small ya?', we looked like the biggest pansys in the world lol...felt soooooo embarrassed lol. Never laughed so much though!



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hahahahahah Lofty that cracked me up :D Im the same tho, even if it was an earwig <---> this big i would scream my head off :eek:
As regards weird phobias, im terrified of Rice Crispies and one of my friends is teffified of bananas so at every available chance, we chace her with a banana lol.
When i was in Kusadasi, i was on the Dolmus with 3 friends on our way into centrum to go to bar street, so centrum was packed. I was getting out of the bus but misjudged how low the dorr was, smacked my head so hard off the top of the door that i fell backwards on my ass and knocked over my 3 friends. All the Turkish people thought i was drunk (typical irish) and all the english people grabbed their heads and went "ouch". It was funny, i couldnt see straight for an hour.

God that was painful now that i think about it lol :confused:
lol loft that had to be THE funniest bug in the whole world, i was terrified!!! it wouldnt hav bin as bad if we could hide from them but the bloke that saved us happened to be a waiter at one of our fav resturants... doh!