Where can you change money in kusadasi

sorry peps, last thread, honest
i was told its cheeper to change your money in turkey is this right or should i change it at the airport.
and is is euros or turkish liera?
Hi, Sully. Best to change your money in Turkey, you get a better rate over there. There's plenty of banks and change shops. Worth shopping around to get the best deal. Deniz bank and garanti bank are the ones I use. Hope this is of help to you. All the best. Gaz.


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Always go to my bank in Kusadasi and always get a better rate .Changing in the airport I think is the most expensive way.

Hi Scully. İf you have bank a/c here, your bank will give you the best daily rate. İf useing change bureau the one in the Grand Bazaar by Kervanseray tends to give highest rates.


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Sully ..
another Tip, if you have a bank account in the UK with Nationwide, they dont charge you to take money out of the ATM's while over seas ..


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Hi Sully, another tip, I had my nationwide card and it got swallowed up, saying I had the wrong pin.
I did have the correct pin, and I withdrew money through the bank not the ATM, but the point of this is if you should loose your card the banks in Turkey will give you your card back if you can show them proof of identity.
So if this should happen take along your passport and any other ID you have.
They could not have been more helpfull to me.
we found a really good rate change, next to youngs brothers restaurant in ladies beach, and the restaurant is fantastic also, ate there on a few occasions, the guys are great there and food was fab.
we stayed at ali babam 20th july - 3rd aug

Hi Fi and Jon,
Just been reading this n it saw u guys stayed at ali babam, so did we we stayed there between 20 july n 3rd of aug, had a great time were definatley going back again next year for our third time. I proper miss it already, if u go again you gotta try saray restaurant. We loved redwood too.
hiya, yes we came home on the 4th august. stayed in room 307 at alibabam, there was me , hubby and my 2 boys. was you with little amY????

kaleann said:
Hi Scully. İf you have bank a/c here, your bank will give you the best daily rate. İf useing change bureau the one in the Grand Bazaar by Kervanseray tends to give highest rates.
We have used that one for years and it has always been better than the banks and nearly always better than any other bureau's in the area
Hi Fi and Jon,
Yer were the 3 girls together we were in room 401. We knew lil amy n all that gang but we weren't actually wiv them. We think we know who you are, do you have blonde hair? Did you have a great hol then? we did, we absolutely loved it can't wait for next summer, did you do any excursions? We done the boat trip and pammukale and the horse safari which was embarrasing because we were to scared to get on, only one of us did and her horse wandered off, so we told them to leave the money and bring us back, it was really embarassing but a funny memory.
yes i had blonde hair, hubby had short brown hair with glasses.i use to wear a swimsuit with skirt attached, to hide my hefty thighs, lol. we had a great time also, met 2 lovely familys who you will remember also, the dark coloured family, and also jon,ruth and james from room 403. they live near us. we just went to aquafantasy with the children, and we did the markets, but with 2 small children it would have been 2 hot to take them on the trips. next year we will take them to epheseus, as rhys the eldest luvs things like this. we also met fatih from one of the restaurants orginally from istanbull, who emails us from time to time, and also on msn with cem at the hotel, i ask him what the weather is like, just to depress myself even more. anyway were hopefully going back just before the kids break up next year, try and get a good deal again. so glad we are back tho, with all the goings on at the airports etc.
Yer we do remember them two families, the fam in room 403 were really nice spoke to them a few times. Well anyway we might see you there again next year, and deffo do ephesus we went last year and it is excellent make sure you do the full day and see the house of virgin mary its beautiful. Take care clare xx