admin u there


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Sue we deffo have to meet up for a bevvy and spread some of that cok deli madness around if Me & Cherry are there the same time as you!

How are the cats??? My frogs and Cher's pigeons are waiting for the O-K from ya they are full of bok and ready to GO GO GO

(i PMed you)
Cok Deli

My Cats Are Ready To Go They All Have Their Army Gear And Wheapons Ready And They Look So Cute They Are Like The Cats Out Of Shrek 2 Bless Their Little Cotton Socks .their Is A New Missile Especially Invented For Umit And Viva Called A Vumit Belcher. It Showers Bok For Miles And It Has A Heat Seeking Sensor To Catch Only Viva And Umit . It Also Send Huge Basur Vars Up Unsusoecting Bums

Teeeeeee Heeeeeeee Umit And Viva Are Bold So Therefore They Must Die Of Bok Inhalation