Wedding Announcement

Congratulations and all the best for the future Shannon !!!

You should definetely get your dress in Turkey ! I bought mine in Aydin, tried some on and then I saw my dream dress. In the shop they called it an engagement dress, but it was really gorgeous.
I did one fitting and I could pick it up 4 days later. Only cost me about 125 €, so that is really a good price I think. Maybe in Izmir the prices are a little bit higher but anyway you can find wonderfull dresses for a really good price. And they are very helpfull too, you can choose and combine as much as you want !

Are you sure they want you to cover you shoulders because for a wedding dress most of the times they don't mind the girls "showing their beauty". Mine was a strapless one and nobody seemed to mind.

Wow thats a really good preice, i wanted a strapless dress but my fiance didnt think it was a good idea so i think il get a strapless one but get a little jacket to cover it for the ceremony i think and then take it off for the photos. Im so glad the dresses are that cheap though lol, thats very good news!!!!