hi i'm laura i am new here!!


hi laura here i am sarahs best bud, i am the other girl on the pics. can't wait to get chattin to ya all!
Kusadasi rocks!
more about me.....

Name: sarah
Middle name: louise
Nicknames: ginge, gingey
Location: cumbria, england
Occupation: student
Age: 18 nearly
Favourite female singer: britney
Favourite male singer: mustafa sandal
Speak turkish? learning v.slowly
Favourite food: cocktail sausages!!!
Favorite film: forest gump!!!
Favourite place:Kusadasi
Phobias: chickens n all birds!!and deep water
Favourite t.v program: deperate housewifes.
Fantasy: ryan philippe in fireman outfit mmmmmmm!!lol!
One wish wat wud it be: to have magic powers so cud zap myself to kusadasi!
Biggest hate: racism and men with beards
Favourite bar in kus: Paddys!!!!
Children: no way far to selfish
Biggest ambition: to teach english in turkey!!
Favourite pastime: sitting in bed with big box of thortons chocolates watching soppy films!!
Star sign: aqaurius
Reason 4 joining site: love kus n everything about it. also like talking 2 u nice ppl!!
Name: Laura
Middle Name: Jayne
Nicknames: L J
Location:Cumbria, England
Occupation: Student
Age: 17
Favourite Female Singer: Beyonce
Favourite Male Singers: Mustafa Sandal n Usher
Speak Turkish? sort of learning
Favourite Food: Baked Beans
Favourite Film: Armageddon
Favourite T.V Programme: Desperate Housewives
Phobia: Wasps
One wish wat wud it be: to be rich
Biggest hate: Racism
Favourite bar in kus: Paddys!!!!
Children: maybe one day
Biggest ambition: to train dolphins
Favourite pastime: watchin T.V
Star sign: aries
Reason 4 joining site: love kus and like talkin about it!
welcome laura have u got any gud pix we wud all like to see them.
oh! by the way admin your not even hairy on ya picture do u still want to meet up this year
laurz xXx