Kusadasi it is.

Thanx guys after talking to sum of you i was confused weather to go to Gumbet or Kusadasi but my minds made up, im going to Kusadasi but I guess every one has they own opinion its what you make of the holiday.

You won´t regret it m8! ;)

A girlfriend of mine just got back 3 days ago from her first visit to Kus and she is already planning on going again next May.
Im booking up 2moro had to make sure first, If I stayed at Gumbet and took a day trip to Kusadasi and loved it, I would of been gutted.



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Ha ha you've only been on the forum 5 minutes and we've managed to change your mind already ;)

Hope you have a great time & enjoy it as much as we all do. :)


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Never seen any and I'm not sure if there's anywhere round here suitable for them to be set up properly......its not something that seems to go big here........plenty of parascending though