Webcam in Kusadasi???

Does anybody knowes a link to a webcam in Kusadasi. Would like to see it now and then... :cool:

And does sombody knowes a good site for the weather in Kus. Weahter online is always very wrong with the temprature ! :guns:

Thanks ! ! :bye:
here is weather online... Ask Viva.
Yo red... why dont you put the cam in my roof top
it will be great
Actually I have been thinking of camming kusadasi online but I need extra bandwith.
Umit said:
Unfortunately no webcam yet but i will put a webcam this summer.
Did you mean this summer? ;)
I was looking on the internet for a webcam, to see maybe the beautiful sunset in Kus, and so I arrived on this thread ;)
I know that is the best thing to do....but i just lovvvvve webcams, looking at them all day long...just getting trough time when I am not in Kusadasi...
webcam in

hi webcam is a brilliant idea if we all new were it was. all the members could go down , hold up a with names on it , we could possibly have the biggest photo-gallery in turkey, and put web address below it . think of all the new members would join.......cheers jonno.:woohoo:

Yes probably one of the better ones is wunderground.

I have a current temp on my site for Kusadasi (Bottom left corner). Simply click on it and it will open the wunderground page and give you a 5 day forecast:

In fact, just click here and that will take you directly in. :cool:

Hope this helps.


Hey Staky

Just noticed you were a fellow Brummie :D . How long have you been going to the Kush for?

You got a place there?

look at the site of you will find a 14 days forecast of the weather. (we always print it out and take it with us)