HI Guys n Gals . Ian n Mary from England here

Hi everyone great to meet you all, We are Ian and Mary from Yorkshire England, Ian works for the Home Office , part of the Government that takes care of the criminal justice system and immigration etc, and Mary is a Doctor, Mary cam to England in 2003 having worked for 4 yrs in The Bahamas, a beautiful ex British Colony 50 miles off the coast of Miami Florida, We have a Villa in Kusadasi and enjoy getting out there as much as possible, Love Kusadasi and the Turkish people, Lovely to have found this forum, everyone seems nice, hope to get to know people. :)


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Welcome Ian and Mary, it's so nice to see you here ;)

And thank You very much for your nice comments about the people here. i am sure we will teach nice things to eachother.


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A Big warm welcome to the forums, darlings!!!

I hope you post lots and find this place interesting and helpful.
Yorkshire, ehh. My dad's from there..

Enjoy the forum,

Mella -xox
Hey ian and mary!

Welcome to the forums, wow thats a pretty damn warm life u've had there, im jealous lol,

Sure ur settle in here alright,
lofty xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello and Welcome Ian & Mary

Good to have you on board. :) Hopefully you will find plenty of useful info here and you will probably provide us with some I'm sure.

Enjoy your visits.



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Welcome to Kusadasi.biz Ian & Mary!!

Its nice to have you here!!​

Looking forward to reading more about your holidays in Turkey!!​
hey ian, hey mary

welcome to the forum. you will love it here everyone is lovely and will be able to give you all the information that you desire!!!