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Hi everyone thanks for your greetings

I wonder if anyone can help me , I need to get hold of the Notary Office tel number in Kusadasi, its upstairs in a small shopping centre , I used an English lady as interpreter when i bought my house and need to ring her.
Also does any one have any idea of the procedure and costs involve in changing a name on a tapu ie from 2 to 1. I really appreciate any help i can get thanks



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Hi Ian, i will learn the number and then email to you.
Unfortunately, i can not learn the number right now becuase of formal holiday.

And, i will ask your second question to my friends.
Here is the full address of the 2nd Notary. I had sold one of my cars the other day.

Noter: Aysil SASMAZ
Address: Kahramanlar caddesi Akdogan ishani No:219 Kusadasi Turkey
Tel: +90 256 6145818

Just let me know if you need the other notarys number. There are two in Kusadasi. But they are both on the second floor of two shopping centers.
The price of changing the name depands on the value of your property. It can change between 500.000.000 TL (500 YTL) and TL. (1.000 YTL) You can check the rates at Akbank.
Thankyou so much

Thanks for the help guys i will try to call monday, if its the wrong Notary it would be nice to have the number of the other one, i am tying to ask the procedure of how my friend and i change the tapu from both our names to just mine.As i have bought the house and my friend put some money into it, and the estate agent said she (my friend) would have to be named on the tapu, so even though she only put a small percentage into the house the tapu shows the owners as 50% each, now I have paid my friend the amount she invested in the house we need the tapu put into just my name.hmm I hope people understand all that. :eek: Anyway we are both coming to Kusadasi in march to do this if we both need to be there, also anyone any ideas of transport from either Bodrum or izmir at that time of year , as i found some cheap £179 flight direct manchester to Bodrum, in March.. thanks for any help . Ian xxx
I tried to call the notary office you gave me they have no one who can speak English so it was a very short telephone call as you can imagine :eek: Please may i have the number of the other one. although the number you gave me is the same one as the one on my Cumhuriyeti document..

I got a flight out to Bodrum Cheap so need to confirm I can do the transfer of names while i am there or i wasted my flight money..

Thanks again for all your help

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