memorys......of things that went wrong!!!

has anyone here ever done sumthink that went totally wrong or had a holiday disaster?
mine was when me house got burgaled while i was in kus, also not a major one when i got off the us in the middle of nowhere n didnt know how the hell to get home dressed in just a bikini with a towel round my waist!!got sum funny looks !!!

come on get adding!!! :p



wat like wen we got on the bus on our way out n nearly killed that turkish woman with the amount of perfume we had on, poor old lady she had to get off the bus n had to sit down on the side of the road wooops! :doh:
Well what about a 10 hours delay of our plane back to Amsterdam. At first I had the greatest fun drinking a extra beer but when you have to wait and wait we were getting very borred...and :1pissed:

Finaly we got home a day later then planned and also very very tired !

Big disaster

I had a bit of a disaster in Mexico. We were out clubbing one night, well into our second week. I had made friends (as you do!) with some of the lads who worked in the nightclub and decided to go back to their place for a party, my friends went back to the hotel as they were tired. So we got into the car and away we went. We spent the night drinking tequila, salsa dancing, singing etc. I eventually woke up on a chair about 12 the next morning, and decided to head back to the hotel. When I got outside the apartment I realised I was in the middle of a desert. It was surreal! Horses tied to fences, sand blowing everywhere and I'll swear I even saw some tumble weed blow by (like all great western movies). I started to walk in the blistering heat :eek: and eventually after about three miles I found a phone box. Thankfully I speak Spanish and called a cab. Anyway, when I told the driver the name of the hotel he started to laugh like a mad man. :D I was 45 miles away from the hotel. In my drunken state the night before I didn't realise how long we had been driving. :doh: It cost me $95 to get back and the girls took one look at me and laughed :D While I was on the verge of tears. Never again


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The only thing that went wrong for me is when me and my mates were checking our bags in at the airport, we ALL got done for excess baggage because we haden't read the small prints on the tickets saying we were only allowed 20kg and my suitcase was around 40KG (damn all those shoes) so i ended up paying well through the nose for that :doh:


Then we got on the plane and First Choice had a wee raffle thing where everyone paid a pound and gave the lady your seat ticket and it got drawn out of a hat and i ended up winning 149 pounds! so that kinda made up for it...
Dya want the list?!!!! lol, firstly the creche we were supposed to be working in flooded before we had even got there then we got thrown out of our accomodation on our 4th day of the 2mnth stay, and were therefore homeless (for the 1st time) so we checked into a hotel and ran out of money therefore being homeless (for the second time) slept on sunloungers at a mates hotel and then stayed in a room with a mate (there being one double bed, 4 people and 2 dogs) then we found a luxury apartment and stayed there. In the morning we got chucked out and were therefore homeless (for the third time) and got conned out of alot of money by our best mate and due to homeless reasons had to sell the dog. Had a big argument and watched a man-bitch fight about us, then finally found somewhere to stay about the size of my bathroom. Found the dog a nice home after two nights of it living at the log cabin but they gave it back after a couple weeks and back up on the roof it went. Found it another home and that problem was sorted. Well, that was half of our problems and the really big ones i cant really put down in a forum lol
So after alot of tears and homelessness, all in all an amazing holiday....that just shows how amazing kusadasi is, even after all that i cannot wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!
Lol, do i get a prize?!!!! Yeah it was quite funny looking back on it, made the whole time alot more interesting lol. Wouldnt mind if this year went a tiny bit more smoothly though lol
WOW!!!! and heres me thinkin that everyone had some kinda struggle, we must be rite loft, only us 3 could hav had a holiday like dat lol xxxxxxx
Lol, dont worry teresa, im sure somehow (and im praying) that this year works out all loverly jubbly and you wont have a single tearful phonecall from us this time!!!!

I remember i was taken in to soke to meet 'the family' and I forgot to take my flip flops off as I entered. I nearly died as I didnt even want to meet them, as I had one of the most fierce hangovers I had ever experienced. I know they were not impressed, which I totally understand, but to make matters worse as they were giving out to me, I kept saying 'thank you' in turkish as I got it confused - I thought I was saying 'Sorrry'. OOPPS! But Im sure they loved me anyway......... NOT!
i remember when i went to kus in 2003 may. The travel agency was Marmara n they did us a bad thing. We paid for our holidays in kus in march n asked to the seller if we wont have problems becos of Irak war, n Izmir deprem. They said us that they wont be any problem, that there will be less costumers, but some people had already reserved. So, we took our flying, so happy to go back to kus.

When we arrived @ izmir airport, we met the guide who asked us "which is ur hotel?" "Ours is Kustur!" "ah ok, Teos, go into that bus!" "huuu... no, not teos... kustur!!!" "no kustur is closed, u go to teos!" "what?"...

The hotel was closed until june 1st, i still dont no why, and whithout saying us that before our trip they gave us a room in a hotel situated in the country whithout anything around, 1 hour n a half far from Kus (n if u dont have drivin licence....).

Luckily it was only for one week, n we could go to Kustur the next week! But we had lots of problem with our company, n slagg off them durin all the week in this rotten hotel!!! they didnt want to transfer us in a Kusadasi hotel! what a shame. back to Paris, they gave un 75 € for each... but our trip was about 700 €.

i never went to Turkey with maramara again!
theres a few sorta wrong things i can think of. well number 1. you all probably know the wooden platforms that go over the sea well me and my sis thought it would be fun to show off our diving tecniques to all the cute turkish boys stood on the platform, well my sis dived in perfectly and got a good reaction from the crowd of boys but when i dived in my bikini bottoms came off and my top flew up and i was bearing all i was sooooooo embarrased i just grabbed my clothes and quickly swam away trying not to look back!
Also everytime i go to kus (when im not drunk) i bump into everything and fall over and on several occasions in front of crowds :( i always end up with millions of scars!
When i first went to kus i had my phone stolen as some of you might know and on the day i was supposed to go home i saw a man with the exact same phone. I chased after him in a doctors surgery and confronted the poor man he must of thought i was so strange and i demanded to look at the phone to my shock the man had stored lots of pics of his bum and had lots of dirty pics so i quickly apologised and ran off i was so embarrased for myself and the dirty man lol! xxx
your cell has been stolen there? You mite have been very angry.
While wer talkin about stolin, i remember last year, i had white ADIDAS shorts, that i really liked. I brought it often with me at beach. And one day i dont no whats happend. I wanted to wear them. In the room i looked for it , i looked for it... And didnt find it. First of all , i thought the room woman stole it, but i doubted it, becoz i no theyre serious. Until i saw this young tall guy at nite in front of a bar near my hotel... He was wearin my shorts! but they were to small for him, he looked like wearing a boxer!!! ha ha! i screamed "hey its my shorts!!!". But i couldnt talk with him anymore, i was so laughing, n has so shame for him!!! But i liked my shorts :(
hehe thats well funny a guy was wearing a girls shorts too tight lol that would have been funny to see! yes i was very very angry but i had it stole from me while i was there s i was very upset! :(
lots of people told me takin care of my bag n my drinks when im in bar street for example... There r some professionals in kus, like evrywhere (i remember my bags bein stolen in Paris while it was just near me. I looked at somethin else while 1/2 second n someone find the time to steal my cutty little bag, with my cell, my discman, n 60 €...)