fun game

fun game ! Get your thinking caps on!

My Turkish boyfreind is.....

then add the name of a song (with the artist in brackets afterwards).
e.g my turkish boyfriend is 'simply the best '(tina turner) :p

I cant think of a single thing trying but i cant think of any songs...oh dear Allah, i thought of one but it's just tooooo cheesy to put in here. God im just cringing at the thought of it hehehe :eek:
lol! put it up!!!!!i fancy a giggle!!!ok il do mine 1st n its cheesy!!!

my turkish boyfriend is...always on my mind(elvis)

come on it cant be cheesier than that!!lol!!!im so stupid!!
I have one for a Sarah....." Oh dear God if your Turkish boyfriend could see what you are writing right now"!!!!
LOL and mine for that matter :doh:


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(Lol@Shannon haha..i used to LOVE boyzone and was madly inlove with Stephan)


*My Turkish boyfriend is... ''Dirrty'' (Christina)


*My Turkish boyfriend is...''Easy'' (Lionel Richie)

Har wonder he is now my ex :p