My Parents have been mugged!

:cry: :cry:

Oh Dear,
My parents are on holiday in Kusadasi and have just phoned from the police station.
They have been mugged, and my mums handbag ripped off her.
I cannot believe this. Is this common place here.

I have just bought a property in Kusadasi and am due to fly over in several weeks for the first time, but am a bit concerned.

Does this occur quite frequently amongst tourists please?

The police are mad about this, and my parents said that a local bar owner came to help, and they are out looking for the two crooks.


An upset Lorraine.


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Hi Lorraine,
This type of madness goes on all over the world. :evil:
whatever city you go to, there will be crazy people trying to take advantage of easy prey (ie women on there own, or older people).
I have not heard of Muggings being a problem in Kusadasi. I think everybody should be careful whereever they go. ie, don't walk down dark passage ways, make sure you don't carry to much money with you and make sure your personal items are secure (don't carry a handbag loosly, always hold it tight, make sure wallets are out of view from the public eye etc)
I hope you parents are OK, & that this horrible incident has'nt put you of coming to Kusadasi.
Claire 8)
Hi Claire,

Thanks for your kind words. Thankfully, they are both ok.
My dad was taken to the clinic or hospital as they pushed him over, and he has had a couple of serious neck and back operations over the last 2 years, and he used to be so tough! He is ok, just a graze on his arm. Just 5 years ago my Dad would have done them some serious damage, and i wish i were with them because i can run like a greyhound.

I hope they catch these lowlifes. Its not so much the money and credit cards stolen, but your personal other bits a girl carries which can never be replaced.

Anyway, i have stopped all there cards and if they need any more money for the next week i can arrange something from UK.

They have been many times to Turkey and always said how safe you are.
Just shows that u are never safe where you go.

When i arrive my bag will stay EMPTY! Thanks...Lorraine


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Hello Lorraine;

I am so sorry to heard that problem. Kusadasi is really safe and peacful place but sometimes this kind of madness can happen anywhere in the world and we must be careful.

I really dont know what should i say. I am really so sorry. But if you think that we can help you then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes
Hi Lorraine,
It is very sad for your parrents, but it's a fact that this sort of actions happen al over the world. I was in Kusadasi one month ago, and I think you don't have to worry about Kusadasi as a 'scary'place. It is just fantastic! But, keep your handbag close to you ;)
Greetings Kirsten
Thanks very much for your replies.
My parents are back now from holiday and still had a lovely time.
The hotel upgraded them to the suite and local people and the police have been brilliant. Just to let u know that my mum did have her back very close but they actually ripped it off her. She had really bad bruising to her arms, also my dad where they pushed him into a wall. He was taken to hospital to be bandaged and is ok.
It happened outside Harrys bar which was packed at the time! Apparently it was 2 turkish guys about 25 years old, and my parents gave police a very good description, but they are probably long gone by now.
Something like this makes u think twice and it will always be in the back of my mind when i visit, and i cant wait to come over to see my new villa!

Bye for now, and what a brilliant forum by the way!


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Hi Lorraine,
Im glad to hear that your parents are home & still enjoyed their Holiday in Kusadasi.
I hope that you also enjoy yourself & your villa (you lucky thing!!!) when you go out to Kusadasi.
8) Claire
i agree with all comments, in fact, compared to belgium i feel safest in kusadasi, people respect tourists because they very well know its their income and police takes it very seriously if tourists have been brought into trouble;
2 years ago my mother went to spain with a friend: she was gassed in her hotel room by thieves who then took jewelry, spanish police reacted in a sense of "what do you think we can do about it", I cant imagine this in kusadasi
I must admit that the first time I came to Turkey i was also a little bit worried, cause it was all so new to me, but i have never felt unsafe in Kusadasi.
I am actually more worried when i walk around my hometown in Belgium, although i know every corner there.
Hope your parents will visit Kusadasi again, with more fun...
Hey lorraine, I have only just noticed this post and im really sorry to hear what happened, but im really glad that they still enjoyed their time in kus and that they are ok!!

Please dont be put off by this though! As claire said this kinda thing happens all over, you just gotta be carefull

Well enjoy your new villa hun!! Take care!!;)
Andrea said:
i feel alot safer in kusadasi walking bout, rather than my own home town of belfast somtimes.
I feel the same sometimes, but i have never heard of anyone being mugged in Kusadasi, the police really look after tourists, as do the people. Unfortunately these things do happen everywhere :( . Sorry to hear about your parents but i wouldnt let it put you off!
awww i really feel for u babe i was mugged in kusadasi last year and i know the trauma it can cause! :( it was my first time there too! but i am sure the police will do as much as they can to help, i cant say they did too much for me but if they are that angered now i hope they will do better for your family! i had my phone stolen and it did leave a mark on my hol but u just got to try and work past it and have a good time! and i hope the remainder of the hol is better thinking of u babe all my love joanne xxx
My mum was mugged a few years back on the street btw Yeni Hastane, Ciyhan Pension and the corner where the markets are held.
It´s a dark and scruffy place. But because my mother has lungs like no other she made such a noise that someone actually caught the thief and the bag immediately. Although the thief took off!

Even so it really put a dent in my mothers self-confidence. It´s a highly traumatic experience especially when you are in a forreign country.
But the türks really helped her and made sure she was alright.

I think the thief might be have been a gypsy. I know that the mayor has had problems with them. But this was a few years back.
hi all
my sympathy and best wishes to Lorraines parents
i have seen two sides to safety in kusadasi
firstly the bad (very rare occurance) experiance"s
having come to turkey for years my girlfriend suggested we brought my mum over with us 1 year (about 4 years ago) on her first day she was robbed by pickpockets i ran after them but they jumped in a car , the locals were great a real help addmitedley many of whom have been friends for years ,being in her late 60s i thought it would be to much for mum well kus is now refered to as home and i cant get over without her demanding to come as well (i dont mind really)
i have also seen a few quick random muggings/ snatch and grabs but could count the total on 1 hand , for a 20 year time period i wish i could say the same for most places here in uk
on the positive side
i have had waiters running down the street after me for leaving a mobile or a shopping bag etc in their resturant
and the daddy of them all- i was over about 6 years ago and decided to get jewelery for presents ,3 items needed adjustments so on the day they were due to be ready i got the cash and headed to collect them , they needed 1 more day and like a fool i forgot to leave the money at hotel and headed for bar street,
around 4.30 worse for drink i was opposite the fairground no one in sight and from nowhere 9 or ten Turkish boys late teens or so appeared 1 asked for a cigarette ,and thats where i keep most of my notes in a spare ciggy packet (good tip) yep i opened the top of the packet to offer them 1 and inside was around £350
the outcome i quickly gave them a cig from the other packet exchanged a few jokes about the situation and was escorted up to the kotur hotel (just past roundabout at friday market 1st left) by the boys to ensure i got home ok
i did learn my lesson but cant think of many places in the world where most of the people are so honest and considerate of others.
as others have advised just be sensible about carrying or appearing to have too many valuables and spread cash to as many different parts of you as possiable just in cases
i must say i really do feel 100 times safer in kusadasi than i do here in my own town
slimjim said:
hi all
was escorted up to the kotur hotel (just past roundabout at friday market 1st left) by the boys to ensure i got home ok
That´s where my mom was mugged.

But I have had so many similar experiences to yours slimjim. Also I´ve been offered the opportunity to come back and pay later many a restaurant/café if I didn´t have the right cash with me.

Hell would freeze over before they´d let you do that here.