Oh yeah, you're the lawyer Bilge yeah? Tell me did you study Jurisprudence :doh: , its interesting but such a nitemare to do an exam in, and dont talk to me about EU Law, i have my finals in it next week WWAAAHHHHHH
Yup, that would be me! :)

I took Jurisprudence I & II... but I have another one coming up next year. Will be just as bad, if not worse, than I & II! Like you said it; total nightmare.

My branch is Law on Taxes, but unfortunately I'm still stuck with some of my old classes which have nothing to do with it, but I have to complete them anyways! What's your specialization (gonna be)?

I had an EU exam last thursday, needless to say I screwed it up, cause it's one of the things about Law that I really don't care about!
LOL, yeah the only reason i was interested in EU Law was because of Turkey's bid to join. Then i discovered that if the EU was a country and it applied to join the EU, it would be turned down cos its completely undemocratic "democratic deficit" and all that rubbish.

My specialization will be Human Rights Law, but to be honest i dont think i will practica as a Lawyer for long, theres so many other things i want to go to Turkey...and umm...oh yeah did i mention goin to Turkey!!!

Dont wanna get too serious with the career just yet, too young for that. Though i will be finished college for good in May, il be qualified and its a bit scary. Im gonna look like such an ass is the courts and the judges are gonna humiliate me lol!!!
Oh you're nearly done? Good girl! How long did it take you? Did you have to take pre-law?

I still have some time to go before I'm done! :( Not thinking bout becoming a lawyer either, that's why I chose Tax. I'll probably end up working for a bank, accountancy firm or the VAT. To tell you the truth I abolsutely hate lawyers, prosecutors, judges etc. For a jurist to be, I've spent an awful lot of time getting sued for things hahaha! So there goes my chances of ever becoming a judge (in Holland you must have a clean record to become one). The thing I like about it is that it covers so many subjects that are useful in life. It goes as far as history, psychology, criminology etc. You always have a good story to tell at birthday parties :)
Yeah its a bit different over here, we dont really get to do any of the psychology of it or anything like that, its all pure Law from day one till you finish...except for a little communications/sociology etc...and lets face it, they are not sooo much fun!

Im the same though, i want to be like a legal advisor or something cos i really dont want to be a lawyer, plus in Ireland and UK its such and elitest profession, full of upper middle class snobs lol :p

Hey Guys Can Ya Charge Umit And Viva With Defamation Of Character Well Defamation Of The Bit I Have Left They Keep Telling Me How Long Their Yaraks Are And Want To Put On A Yarak Show In May.

God This Is Weird But The Girl I Work With Is Studying Law And Has Just Mentioned Jurisprudence And This Is What I Find On The Forum

Anyways Bilgey Baby Your Right I Only Complain Cos I Luv It