anyone goin to kus in May

Hi all hopefully getting a gang together for kus in May, Does anyone know anything about the Golden Gate apartments and the Turkad Hotel? We are trying to get somewhere near Ladies beach at the right price! Also whats the deal in May will there be a good crowd going out? Hoping the place will be hopping! So if anyone has any info on any of these places please let me know.

Thanking you


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Hi jenny,

May is a nice time to go, its the begining of the season, so everyone is rarring to go!!!

Its not as busy as july / August, but there will still be a good crowd there.

I stayed at the Turkad in july last year, the location of the hotel is fantastic!! it is a nice hotel, basic, but clean & the staff are friendly.
they have a nice pool & sunbathing area.

Claire :)
Oh thats good to hear, i was looking at prices and they're great value. I was thinking of the Golden Gate also. But i think the Turkad maybe better. I dont mind it being basic its all about the location for me. I want to be near ladies beach, you get the best tan on the beach. I was thinking of the 8th of May is that a good time to go? Will everywhere be open?

Where did you and your mates hang out when you were there?



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well the Turkad could'nt be any closer to the beach!

The rooms are a pretty good size as well. You get Breakfast inc ... which is nice (usual Turkish Breakfast)

There are loads of nice bars along ladies beach, i spent most of my time in Sherwoods, Dream Bar, daisy & the Cuba Beach club.

The food in the hotel is nice, we had lunch there a few times, & the the bar by the pool is open some nights, which is alwways nice for a quick drink before you head out.

I think the season begins on 1 may, so by the 8th i would imagine most places will be open.
Thanks a million for that. All those places you mentioned are on Ladies Beach right?

Location, location thats what its all about! Should we request the seaview then ha ha! Only problem now is getting my mate to book, shes in the UK and im in Ireland! Its a bit messy.

So you reckon that around the 8th would be a good time to go, and the weather should be nice. We thought May or June because July and August is meant to be like an oven.

Im only back from there 3 weeks or so and im dying to go back.



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yes, all are on ladies beach .. only a few steps (stumbling distance) from the hotel..

talking of seaviews .. the view from all of the rooms is amazing!!! i used to sit on my balcony & watch the sunrise / set .... ohh it was beautiful!!! :inlove:

Jul & aug are unbelievably hot, it was to hot for me in july, over 100 most days.

may will be beautiful!! you will probably need to take a light jacket for the eveings tho.
Oh really, didnt know that now. I thought it would be hot in the evenings. As long as its tanning weather in the day i dont care ha ha.

I found it hard persuading mates to go as none of them had been before, and had heard that Turkey was a bit dodgy, rumours about places usually come from ignorance anyway. So i was delighted when my mate said she'd come because my first time to go was xmas and i fell for the place. I myself didnt know anyone who'd gone to Kusi and it was a last minute thing that worked out very well. So im going back.

I'm dying to see the set up in the summer. It was beautiful in the winter so i'd say its even nicer in the summer.

Are you heading back there this year? If so when and where are ya staying?



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Jenny, click on the link below & you will see some pictures of Kus taken last summer (at the begining of the season)

If you have any questions about the ladies beach area, send me a PM & ill do my best to answer for you.

I am going back this year, but will only be for a few days in Kus, im going to Izmir this year.
Hi Jenny,

Iám going to Kus for the summer. Leaving end of April so deffinitly be there in May. The told me that the beginning of May (so about the 1st) it is getting busy. The weather wil be good then !!

Maybe I see you there !! :)

Yeah Eline

Maybe ill see you there, i have to book first. Are you going for a job or something? If so where will you be working? Im just going on a holiday im going to go abroad and work for the summer myself but it wont be Turkey.

Good on you though!

I always go to kus between may n june. it allows me to discover all the new things in the city (new hotels, new clothes, new bars... new lads!). The bars begin gettin busy, but not a lot. The prices r really cheaper... N after that, i know all i have to know before goin back in september! lol
hi croushy im abit like you coz i like to go in june-july, then i like to go and see everyone in september coz everyone seems to be there at that time.
8th of May

Hi Jenny,

If you are flying from Dublin on the 8th of May, then we will probably be on the same flight.
Booking mine tomorrow hopefully. :bigok:
Have you booked yet?


No i havent booked yet im trying to get my mate to decide when she can go and if we are going from Dublin or the UK. :doh: Im in Dublin and shes in the UK! Nightmare. So have you booked where are you staying?


Hi Guys Meant To Be Going The 3rd Or 4th Week In May With My Friend And Her Boyfriend Satying In The Tropicana Garden Hotel. One Problem Is That Cos I Am Taking Up A Room On My Own Its Costing Me 709 For A Week And My Friends Get It For 449 For A Week Each.i Am Trying To Book The Hotel Directly To See If Its Any Cheaper So I Rang The Manager And Am Waiting For Him To Get Back To Me Next Week. Either Way I Will Be There Cant Wait. If Anyone Is Going On Their Own From Dublin And Is Staying In The Tropicana Garden Hotel Drop Me A Line And We Might Be Able To Get The Price Down For Both Of Us. My Other Friend That Normally Goes Is Also In Love And Is Going Over To Spain With Her Boyfriend In May But Is Coming With Me To Turkey In August For 3 Weeks. At The Moment Is Anyone Available To Rent For A Week To Share A Room In Turkey

Jesus I Feel Like Billy No Mates
Hi Jenny,

Yes I am going to work this summer in Kus....just don't no exactly where hahaha :p

I know a someone who lives there and she will look for a job for me...We shall see !! Where are you going to work then ??