Best Thing About Kusadasi

hi everyone, what do you all think is the best thing about kusadasi? i think the best thing about kusadasi is the people, coz they're so friendly and make you feel like you are wanted in life.
oh yes kirsty i think the same thing, it is the people as they really make ur whole holiday. they r so friendly and they will do anything u ask them. cause they r so helpful and of course most of the men r so sexy.
best thing

i totally agree with you all, its definitely the people that help make kus such a great place and the fact that the majority of the fellas are totally sexy! but i only have eyes for one turkish man!!
i think as well the whole nightlife atmosphere is brill and i wouldnt holiday anywhere else since and i havent since first going to kus 4 years ago!
I went out with 10 or 12 sexy turks in Kusadasi lol!
But i dont wanna have a real relationship with them, only for fun...
(n with a belgium, n with an irish guy too ha ha!)
I agree with you al the people are great, but also the nightlive, beaches en don't forget the shoppingcenter. I love the small streets and the little shops...having a chat with the salesman ( ;) also some very sexy examples there hahaha)

Evet The People Are Like Nothing On This Planet But There Are Also Two Sides To Them. We Only See The Tourist Side The Other Side During The Winter Is Much Different. They Find It Really Hard To Get Jobs During The Winter And College Is Really Expensive For Them . Its A Hard Life During The Winter One Which We Could Not Imagine . They Really Work So Hard For The 8 Months Of The Year That Is The Tourist Season .we Are So Lucky But Alternatively They Are Also So Lucky Having Such A Beautiful Culture And Country

God That Was Very Serious Of Me
But True