Gumbet in June

Hello to everybody, i am a new one on here so :) ello

Just writing to ask if anyone has been to Gumbet (which i presume some must have have :) ), wat is it like, for a group of lads, aged between youngest bein 23 which is me..and oldest bein someone in the 60's.

I am goin in June, th33 6th i think so if anyone else is drop us a bell on here or me email or msn and tell us about it if ya have been before o rwateva...especialy if ya a blonde girl and :p

take care



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Hi David, welcome to the forum!!

Im Not blonde ..but i'll answer ya questions anyway!!! :p

Gumbet is a really busy resort, if you want loads of nightlife (Bars & Clubs) a nice beach with lots of water sports.(water sking, windsailing & parasailing)

Gumbet is quite a small resort but only 2 km from Bodrum.. which is a lot bigger (although there is enough nightlife in Gumbet itself to keep you busy fro a week or two)

I only stayed for 1 night when i was there, but i think in that night we managed to cover many of the bars!! :confused:

you'll all have a ball!!! its the kind of resort that attracts groups, families & couples .. so something for everyone!!


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Welcome to the forum, mate.

There are other threads on Gumbet if you root around..

Nice to have you here,

Mella xox
I've got highlights does that count? lol

I have been to Gumbet in June twice and.....well...I must have liked it or I wouldn't have gone back the second time!
The bars are all close together so you can fall out of one and into another!. Also as Claire mentioned, Bodrum is just 10 minutes away on the dolmus or by taxi and you can have a different kind of night out because there are bars across the waterfront and it's a little bit more relaxed - still good fun though!
I think June is the best month to go to Turkey...I'm sure you will have a fab time!

Tracy x
Hi David,

Iám blond AND beautiful !! ;)

Never been to Gumbet, my friend did see had a wonderfull time !! Great Nightlife !

Hope you have a great holiday there !!

typical bloke lol! brunettes r betta :p !! welcome to the forum david hope u find it helpful! are u actually from manchester or does that mean something else! i hope that wasnt just a blonde question 4 me! Manchester Rox!!! i love it! well hope we can help and that ul keep chatting on this funky forum Love Joanne xxxxxx
omg they are such weirdos 'We called her DAVVVVVEEEE' lol they look like really funny guys love to meet em and have them give me a name like DAVVVVVEEEE hehe and their pics are crazeee!! xxx
i like these quotes too

* RAKI is the local alcoholic spirit - it's evil - more evil than the devil himself - it has a deceptively lovely aniseedy taste, but if you drink it the Raki demons will destory your soul

* Don't order extra portions in restaurants - a standard portion is huge - order extra and you'll go home looking like the lovechild of McMannus and Waller.

* Never use the "OK" sign with your hand in Turkey to anyone, unless you are wanting to chat up a barman and you are male. It means Gay over there - you have been warned.

hehe xx


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we blamed the RAKI DEMONS. Whatever you do, don't take them home, as they will INVADE YOUR HOUSE
Hahah that's the kind of random shit I talk.
''Carmella! What have you done??'' ''It wasn't me who did it, honest! - It was the little green men!!''

x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
* Don't order extra portions in restaurants - a standard portion is huge - order extra and you'll go home looking like the lovechild of McMannus and Waller.
HAHAHAHA :D Can you Imagine a Rik & Michelle's baby? That doesn't bare thinking about!

Hi all, yes we are mad f00k! Woohoo! Glad u like our website - we're uploading more pi$$ed videos soon but the major update will be after we go back to Gumbet in May 2005 - If any of you are there the week starting 16th May - meet us in Roxys Bar for a proper good laugh - oh, and you might just be unfortunate enough to star on wahey!
Welcome to the forums GlitterQueen and sure post the date you are in Kusadasi liked Claire said....the moste of us are gonna be there :)