Kusadasi for teenagers

I am staying at the Tropicano Kustur at the end of May for 2 weeks with two 13 years old girls and am wondering where to take them. where is the best water park and what else is there for them to go.
Also does anyone know what the tropicano kustur is like? Thanks :)


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Hi Carolyn, welcome to the forum.

There are 3 aqua parks in Kusadasi and the best one is aqua fantasy, but Aqualand is also very nice place.

There lots of nice beaches in Kusadasi for your children and your hotel is also very very good place for children.
Kustur is very good for young people. The entertainers r energic, n there r lots of activities. They will enjoy it, there r a few small bars in the hotels area, n 2 discos (one in the hotel n one near the beach). im goin in Tropicano Kustur in may too, with my best friend. Its the 10th time i go in this hotel. If u want more info about Kustur im here ;-)
Be careful, in adaland (i dont no for the other ones), out of season the water is very very cold!
In september i went back there (before, i went one time in august), i stayed one hour there, then i decided to go away. I couldnt do any water games, it was so cold!


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Goto Aqua Fantasy, it is so good!! Everytime i went it was great fun, they have some really fun rides, and the lifeguards are so sexy! I used to stand in the queue for hours for fun har har!

Your 13 year olds will love it so they will be nicely entertained leaving you to chill out and relax. There are lots of grassy sunbathing area's, and picnic places. Plus you can play vollyball or opt for the lazywoman option (Ie: me) and sit in a rubber ring while the currant takes you round the long and winding stream pool around the water park. Great way to tan! :)
the parks are great but just a hint, when ya go to the water parks bring sum flip flops or summit coz the floor gets REALLY hot!!!!! (learnt that one the hard way lol)
yes kate i know what you mean coz one time i was at aqua fantasy and left my flip flops at the end of the wave pool and when i went back to get them they had gone, i had to walk to the shop and buy a new pair on the boiling hot floor, it killed me
hiya iv been to aqua fantasy im 16 and i loved it i also went with my 13 year old sis and she liked it too. Guaranteed a fun day good place to catch the sun too. Oh also the lifeguards are gorge hehe
Hope i could help Love Joanne x x x
hehe i feel really young now my first time there was 15 but i look quite older anyway so had no problem drinking hehe! i think that water park is great for all ages though!n even if u dont wanna go on the slides etc u can sunbathe under trees n get burnt like i did! Top Tip dont forget to put suncream on ya thighs hehe! my big mistake!