heya im charlie.

hi im charlie, i live in the uk, but am curios about others around the world. please all add to this tag and tell me about urselves. and hopfully we will become friends in time. xxxx :p


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No problem..Later on it will get much busier on the forums and LOADS of people will reply to this, dont worry.

You should tell us a little something about your self too, hon. (Obviously you dont have to fill in such a long survey as me :eek:) But how many times have you been To Kusadasi ect?

ive only been twice i stayed with my uncle but he passed away 3 months ago. so i wont be down for a while. i was gutted, i love Kusadasi so much.

Hope you enjoy the forum. Read al posts than you will get to know all of us !! hhahaha And you can keep yourself busy for a few weeks

ok im 15 live in the uk.... i love life, and try to like it to the fullest even if my mum wont let me,lol, i have 4 half bros and 1 bro and 2 half sis's. i have 2 fish and a dog called lottie. i enjoy going to gigs, i ,love hardcore rock music and always go to the local junction if anyone i like is playing, i usually get my boyfriend to pay me in.lol, wot else would u all like to know.


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lofty said:
Welcome to the forum charlie!

<id just like to say id kinda dissaprove of the signature tho :huh: >
Whats with all this Chav hating nonsence thats going on?!? :huh:
a Chav and his friends ran my dog over because my big bro dumped his sister, oh i got summat to show u all! this is kinda wot i do. but ill put it on another thread called "this is just my thing" xxxx
Hello Charlie,

Just don’t ask for a blind date or they will call you sugerdaddy. Still, they seem cool but I don’t think any of them are from Kusadasi. Thanks Damm Fine Black Girl for be honest with me. I would postpone my trip until summer but I need to take care of some business. I’ll let all of you know how my trip goes.