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Hi everyone,

I'm coming in Kusadasi this summer with my girlfriend.
I’ve already made reservation in Polat hotel. We are waiting on their reply back.

Can you tell me about transport from Izmir airport to Kusadasi.
How much they usually charge for Bus ticket or Taxi. What could be better solution?

Also, is possible to find room in any Hotel (three stars max.) if you just show up without reservation?

Hello form Bosnia :wave: :wave: :wave:


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Hello Bosnia, welcome to Kusadasi forums.

The cheapest way to come to Kusadasi is using buses. But this may be bored you. You should arrive to Izmir Terminal (Izmir Bus Station) in 'Altindag'. This way may takes several hours (up to 3-4 hours)

Second way (and the comfortable) way is ask the price of transfer to your Hotel to our Travel Agency partner, email: (This way takes only 1 hour)

We will glad to see you in Kusadasi ;)

And... New 2 star Kusadasi hotels coming soon! We are taking photos and publish them in few days. They are really cheap and sweet hotels.