How is weather like in Kusadasi?

Kusadasi is my second home too....
For bein back to the topic how is the weather like in Kus now? In Paris, Siberia is back!!! 3°C is the best!!!!


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Croushy ... its raining In kus!!! the weather is begining to get warmer (10-14 degrees) but they are having A LOT of rain!!

I woke up to 3 inches of snow here in Engalnd this morning!! :( .. its TOOOO cold!!!!

Roll on Summer!!!!! :miranda:
Hope there will be lots of rain... until seasons begining. When i went in 2003 may we had 4 or 5 raining days, but not whatever rain. Very strong with a lot of wind!!!
hope sunny days will be back soon!!!
Here the weathers is getting colder again, but sunny !

Really wanne have the hot summer days in Kus....heardly can't wait anymore.... :(