MMS to Turkey with cellular phone - help me!!

i think ur turkish friend has to change some option on his phone, coz when i send the MMS, my cell tells me that its becoz of the other phone which hasnt the good options...


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kusadasigirl69 said:
does any1 know how to send picture messages from a uk phone to a turkish one in turkey???

For some reason you can't do it!!
ive tried every way ..believe me!!! :doh:

I think you can only send pic messages within the same country, i cant even send one to Ireland from england...!!!!!

The only way i could do it was to email the picture taken on my phone.
It's not only like that when ur trying to send it to Turkey. I don't know what it is but I can send them to/recieve from Italy and Germany and Belgium, but in my case I can't send them to the UK. I can however send them to Turkcell phone, but not to Telsim phones in Turkey. And it never works when i send them to pre-paid SIM-cards, only subscribed ones. I think there has to be a contract between your provider and the provider of the person you're trying to send it to. You should check with your provider's customers service.
One day i had a problem for sendin to them to my mate in France, it didnt work, and she only had to change somethin on her phone... so a dont no
Maybe it will well work in the future, MMS isnt yet as famous as SMS! i remember paying my sms to Turkey more than 0.30 € a few years ago... now its about 0.10 or 0.15 €....
i wanted to share fun pix with my a friend who has not internet. I tried i tried i tried... i was very disapointed. But im sure ill work.. one day!
its just because your network and turkish network doesnt have a contract I had the same problem and i called TURKCELL and asked them why i cant get mms from other countries they just said they dont have contract with that network about the price so you cant send or recieve any mms.And I know turkish mobile network doesnt have mms contracts with other countries.
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Sorry Kusadasi Girl But Telsim Or Turkcell Doesnt Have A Contract With Any Other Networks Other Than The Ones Within The Confines Of Turkey Itself. Maybe That Will Change Soon As I Do Remember That I Was Not Able To Use My Phone To Send Text Messages In Turkey And Now I Can So Pray To Allah That It Will Change.

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