This tread has nothing to do with Turkey, accept it brings me also a lot of fun !!

In Holland this weekend and also today it's Carnaval !! Well lots of you will not know what it is...(well Mel you do.. ;))

It original a feast of the Catholics, what they celebrate before they start there fast period. Now a days it's only celebrated in the south of Holland, Zeeland, Brabant en Limburg. All people are in diguise and al we do is party and :cheers: Well you can imagine is super !!

And I went saturday and had a blast, today I went to work but Tonight I am going agian (last night) well Iám very exited to go and thought I would share that with you all!! Thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow, I think I will have a bit of a headache :eek:


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I've been hearing alot about this Carnival (actually off of you mainly Eline haha :) ). Sounds really fun, Glad you had a great time! My friend invited me down to Maastricht for it, but i couldn't go :(
I've saw her pictures and it looked like everyone was having a great time!

Oh well, there's always next year!!

Smilina said:
lol, a "bit" of headache... After night(s) like u've just described, a "bit" is understatemant ;)

Yes a bit is an understatemant I fear it's gonna be gigantic ...... :eek: Well I will know tomorrow.... Oh btw it's worth it, I would't miss it for the world !! :cheers:


ps Mella you can always come and join me next year...ore jump in your car and drive tonight to me.....hahaha
Oh yeah today I Went shopping to BREDA and jesus all people with costums and writting on the shop vitirines monday and tesuday closed cose of the festival ...What a nice surprise !!!! But it was so colrofull and ppl are enjoying theirselves very much silly me i didnt take my cam with me maybe eline take some photos and share with us.

God I Wish We Had Something Like That In Ireland All We Do For The Season Of Lent Or At Least Were Meant To Fast And Not Indulge In Anything Thats Pleasurable. Catholicism Is Very Boring Sometimes If You Follow The Rules


I HATE Carnavallllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But glad you enjoyed yourself Eline!
We have pancake Tuesday today so tonight us Irish will be stuffing ourselves with yummy pancakes so we can be rolled onto the beach in kusadasi this summer!!!

Pancakes are great.
Oh my God it was great !! But oh oh oh what a hangover I had !! :eek:

Sorry Sonny but Carnaval is really not the place to go with my digital camara...I certainly would have lost it !!



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Yeah, In Holland.

Actually the Netherlands is really fun compared to the UK. They have quite a few little festivals and Konininendag (no idea how to spell that) where they have a Huuuuuge party on the old Queen's ''birthday''. In England you don't really have anything like that.
Sue your lucky you didnt have pancakes, i wouldnt like to tell ya how many i scoffed!!!

You'll have to roll me onto the beach in the summer.

News for ya, one of my mates from work is organising a trip to kusi in May she wants to know is the golden gate near the Trop Gardens, i said i didnt know.

I dont care were i stay i'd stay in a bus stop if it means being in kusi....roll on roll on MAY.
Its "Koninginnedag" Mel. You must go to "Koninginnenach" in Amsterdam is't the night should be a blast, party party and lots of bands playing !! :cheers:

And then we aslo have "bevrijdingsdag" to celebrate our country to be freed from the German (with great thanks to ENGLAND !! ;) ) in world war 2.

Well you see it's not so bad in Holland !!