Cihat from the shamrock

hey everyone!
I have a little question to ask!! Does anybody out there know Cihat from the Shamrock bar? also known as al pacino. He also works in a little restaurant on long beach called star beach.

I would really love to hear from anybody who knows my little sweety!!

Hi Freckles Just To Let You Know That No News Is Good News And That We Dont Gossip On This Forum I Dont Know Him Personally But I Am Sure A Few On Here May Know Him. Are You Going Back This Year To See Him Or Are Ya Just Friends Which Is Just As Good. Anyways Best Of Luck And Enjoy Your Time On The Forum.

Lots Of Luv

Hi freckles

I was in shamrock most nights when i was there, its a great plac. But dont know any al pacino in shamrock, only in paradise :confused: .
Also dont know a cihat, is he a waiter, doorman???
When were u there?

p.s as Sue said, no gossip ;)
Yeah, i remember the al Pacino from Paradise. Very nice guy. But when i came back in september, his nickname wasnt Al Pacino anymore, and i cant remember it!!! Booooo ! i was too drunk. Does someone no his other nickname?
OMG! r they all called Al pacino in Paradise? I no Mr cool too, but i didnt no he was called Al pacino too!!!! The one i spek about is different! ha ha!! They will always make me laughing!
:huh: hmmmmm well i only know 1 al pacino, and and thats fatih!... who is the other al pacino then, is he a waiter aswell, its to confusing when they r all using the same nick name :p
aha, know him but didnt know he was also a al pacino.. i always just called him "the toiletman" :eek: bcause i only know him from this year and never got his name! but nice to know think he will be much more happy if i call him al pacino :p
is it a good sign??

I am really hoping that its a good sign that nobody knows my Cihat...come on people you must no him from all those made nights dancing in the Shamrock!!!