EU Donations awaiting projects from Turkey


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I Just read this is one of the Turkish Newspapers .... I found it interesting!! :)

Turkey cannot benefit from European Union (EU) donations totaling 1.1 billion eurosdue to a lack of projects.

Projects aimed at infrastructure, human resources and regional development, as well as some public and civil society organizations including non-profit organizations, neighborhood and community registry offices, schools, associations, foundations and chambers of commerce can benefit from these donations.

The Director of the EU Financing, Bid and Tender Department working under the Foreign Ministry Mr. Ercan Tortop, has concerns about the lack of projects despite offers of funding that could provide great opportunities and calls on appropriate institutions to draft projects immediately.

All information regarding available funding is available through the European Union regional office in Turkey or from the appropriate local ministries in cities and municipalities.

Funding is granted to projects that can show they fulfill all the criteria setout for each individual funding opportunity. This year the EU expects to provide 300 million euros in funding, and will increase this total to 500 million euros in 2006. After adding the ongoing financial aid programs of 2003 and 2004, the EU relief package will reach a total 1.1 billion euros.

The main purpose of the donations offered to Turkey is to assist in speeding up Turkey's accession process to the EU and to contribute to the formation of the necessary infrastructure. Aid is offered to the projects relating to the areas of sector-service under the context of programs determined by Turkey and the EU Commission each year. The projects may sometimes aim to develop fishery, employment and regional development. The amount of the funding for each project is announced to the public by the related units. EU Financing, Bid and Tender Department working under the Foreign Ministry administers the tenders and finance for all programs and projects supported by the Union in Turkey.
I don't know in which specific funds this article refairs, but the funds for Turkeys accession process don't move because Turkey hasn't recognised the European Union , legally... it may sounds insane, but Turkey refuses to recognise Cyprus, and because EU is a group of a countries, in order to recognise EU (according to the EU law), you must recognise all the member states. Till this can be done, no funds can be given by EU.


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Actually, we dont need any fund. And we do recognise partly (and with conditions) Cyprus but as Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus.

Southern Cyprus declined the Annan Plan, so what should we do more for EU?
Actually you need fund, everyone needs fund... and EU works that way, as union of states, and it's legal system demands recognition according to the EU laws, in any other case that recognition doesn't exist. EU in order to cooperate with another country or organization must be recognised properly, and not the way the other wants and suits him. And in the case of Cyprus, Turkey has recognised only the TRNC .Officialy Cyprus and Turkey don't have any diplomatic relations, the southern Cyprus can't be recognised as Southen Cyprus because it's the same case as the EU, you need to be recognised properly and not by the way it suits the other country.


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Yes, every country needs fund but we need to know when we got the fund ;)

i hope all of those problems will be sorted out.
Northern Cypuus Funding

Hi Clair,

Do you know how I could find out who administers the EU infrastructure funding ?

Could you send me a copy of the article in the Turkish paper? Translation would help.

We are creating an investment fund to carry our some extensive redevelopment of Northern Cyprus. The project involves schools, hospitals, roads, water and wastewater treatment, houses shops etc.

I am trying to access the EU funds to assist. I was searching Google and thought I’d drop you a line.

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Hi Bob, if you look at the top blue bar you will see that this thread was written over 3 years ago.
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