Hi im Joanne new to the site!

hidi ho, I'm joanne i thought this site looks pretty funky and as i like kusadasi so much i thought id join :eek: well im from blackburn UK is anyone from nearby? or does anyone wanna just chat i need to get into this whole messages things lol :confused: Well hope to hear from some of you thanks
Lots of Love Joanne x x x :)
Hey Joanne, welcome to the forum, i know you're gonna love it here. Everyone is really nice and friendly :) If you have any questions anyone will try to help you. So when did you go to kusadasi Joanne? :)
Hey Joanne...

Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the forums! Here it goes: WELCOME!

We have a lot of UK members here, so surely there'll be someone from your area as well!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away, there's always someone here to help you out!

Oh and... just so you know, we're kinda anti-gossip and stuff, so just keep that in mind and you'll be fine!

Have fun! :D



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Welcome to the Forum Joanne!!

Looking forward to hearing about your favorite things in Kusadasi!!

Have a good look around the forum & add 'your bit!' :)

welcome to the froum

u will love it on here,u get all the gossip and u get to tell us all what u got up on holiday i kus.
Thanks for all the welcomes. Wow i feel wanted hehe!
Well i went to kusadasi in june and again in the last week of the season in october and blimey i miss it its just such a brilliant place i envy the people who live there. Well when i last went it was ramazan and i found it amazing at how much the people sacifice food and drink etc for their religion even though it was absolutely boiling! Well i always stay at the Rina Otel its fab there i love it! When i went in june i was always at bar street and on the beach and i also went to aqua fantasy which myself and my sisters loved and the weather was great all my friends were jealous when i got back with a good tan hehe!
Well now i know the sort of rule on the gossip ill obey it the best i can :)
I find it really amazing how so many people are taking an interest in one place so i think we definately understand why each of love it, its just got so much to offer! Cant wait to go back haven't booked yet have to wait till after my exams hopefully ill be going this summer! I can't bear to be away for so long hehe!
Well thanks again for your kindness
All my Love Joanne x x x
Welcome to the site joanne!!!!!

You'll have such a great time here as well all have 1 thing in common........... KUSADASI!!
Hope u enjoy it here and i look forward to reading your posts
Welcome Joanne,

Im very new myself but we all have one thing in common we love Kudadasi!!!

This is a nice forum too, no nasty wierdos here!!