Ladies Beach

Hello everyone

I've been to Kus a few times now, and am plannin on headin back in August. Everytime i go i end up on Bar St everynite but have heard that bars on Ladies Beach are great at night, yeah i've been down ladies beach durin the dayalrite but never been at night, can anyone give me any info on what its like at night?


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Hi Catriona :cheesy:
There are quite a few bars on ladies beach that are good day & night!!
the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than bar street (not so much hastle with people pulling you into all the bars) The bars are just as good, if not better than Bar street.
there is a nice irish bar, i think its called 'somewhere else' also the dream bar, sherwoods, halikarnas, daisy bar, etc...all are open quite late, do great cocktails & have good music playing!!!
Im sure Kusadasi Carly will be able to give you better info (our resident Ladies beach expert 8) )
You called Claire?? lol :razz:

Hiya Catriona!
Ladies Beach at night is great. If you want to dance till the early hours then I recommend the Dream Bar (there are great pics on this site) The staff are all friendly and they do great buy one get one free on cocktails!
Also Cuba Beach Bar is great. Also Charlies was really good but I was there in April and its now closed :(
If you're eating at Ladies Beach I recommend Rosy's, they do great steaks and they're cheap aswell.
Its not as busy as Bar Street at night but its just right, not too loud and not too quiet.
There is some hassle around the new 'Connexion' restuarant, I just walk on but apart from that part you don't really get hassled at all.
Let me know if you need any more info! 8)

P.S not long now Claire!!! :cheesy: