Summer hits

I had, just like you all, a blast this summer in Barstreet. Nowadays I play some great summerhits to keep the memories alive !! Now I was just wondering what your favorite songs where this summer ?!!??!

There must be some I forgot or didn't know what they were called.

Best memories are numbers from Tarkan, dudu and ofcours kiss kiss - great dance they invented for that one !!

xxx :)
Its really annoying coz most of the songs i liked either i cant remember the names of or they were remixes so i cant find them now!!! But i did like all the usuals like feel alright by sean paul and dudu...all the common ones lol, although some really were overplayed (for example summer jam!) but there were some that werent really that popular that i liked such as hèho by tragedy and that ring my bell remix.
Ooh i miss hearing all of it!!!!


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I liked California Dreaming, Pump It Up, Burn and loads of others.

But If i hear summerjam one more time i will scream...
i agree- dudu was one of my fave summer songs, summer love and dance with the devil are the other two, wen they came on i wudnt leave da floor!!
but then again not to forget the classics- crazy world saturay night(underdog project) and satisfaction are totally cool also
Well Andy a have a few favorite songs, some I mentioned when I started but others are:

Nina Sky - Move your body
Anastacia - Sick and Tired
Dante Thomas - get it on
Usher - Yeah
Kevin Little - Turn me on

Playing them now.....cha cha slide !!
bEaCh BoY said:
My favorite was Summerlove - Remember.. goes like na na na na yeyy.. something like that:whistle:
This is my favourite song!It's great!
In a while may be you remember...I love it!
Tarkan's song-Dudu will also remind me of this summer! :p

..seems mustafa sandal is the second turkish one luved abroad.what do you think about tarkan?do you find him succesfull or smt ?
i think this summers hits are :
a lil bit (50 cent) n (la tortura-shakira feat alijandro)
what do you think ?
n will you reply ? :) :eek:
can anyone tell me the name of the song that sounds like 'Go bananas go bananas, go go go go go bananas' It's meant to be copanamama or something. The dj in Kittys mixes it with SUMMER JAM. I've been curious about it since hearing it when i was there in June....HELP!!!!!!