Any Belgian Girls - Is daar iemand?

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No Dutch, really?
OMG, always boring english.
Dutch/Flemish is such a beautiful language.

Nothing special, just wondering.
How many times have you been to Kusa?
I've been to Kus in august. But this summer I'll be there for 6 months. Went in august to Alanya and a few years back to Marmaris! Turkey is such a beautiful country with such great people. Really fell in love with it! Where about in Belgium do you live?? I live in zeeland, you know?? And tell me about yourself...
6 Months, are you there for somebody special?

I live in Mechelen, between Antwerpen en Brussel. I also work there. I'm going to Kusa in september, but my dream is to spent 4 months there. But I'll guess i'll keep dreaming, aint't got the euro's!
I'm 26years old. I also feel in love with Turkey when I was 16. Kickin' and creamin' on the plane over there and crying when we flew home.
I know Mechelen!! Well Iám 28. And now I am not going there for someone special. Just taking a break from the hard live here, haha. :p
Pretty long break! You must have a very hard life.

What are we complaining about, hé.

Where are you spending your 6months or travelling around.
Any place in Kusa that is worth mentioning, an undiscovered treasure ;-)
Well my life is not so heard. But a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do... ;)
Places in Kusadasi worth meantioning....where shouls I begin. It's al about what you like. But to go partying the cafe's in Barstreet great. Beach, well my favorit is Ladies Beach. The caravanserai is also very beautifull !! Ah well I love everything never been to Kus??
Yeah this year my 8th time, but you never that there are undiscovered treasures to Katrien,hé.

I like Kitty's, don't like the other Irish Bars (te veel ieren aanwezig, sommigen zijn toch wel Mac Sletties, zenne). They better watch some more TV especially Trinny and Susannah hihihihi
I lost you at Trinny and Katrienes ??

So you went there 8 times, you must know your way around ;) Maybe you can give me some tips !!


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Bilge said:
Don't be modest! You're Dutch is geweldig!
:eek: Dankuwel.

I've been making so many mistakes lately...People keep laughing.

I have made up my own Dutch..

''Het stinkt lekker''

''Je praat uit je kont'' (apparently it's nek, WHAT-EVER!)

''Ik snap er geen kont van'' (Kont/Reed - who cares?!)

Loads of other things that people seem to find oh so amusing. Well, dutch makes no sense at all...

Rot taal :p
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