I LOVE 80's!!

Which one do you think is the best??

  • Opus - Life is Life

    Votes: 11 52.4%
  • Modern Talking - You are my heart, you are my soul

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • Laura Branigan - Self Control

    Votes: 3 14.3%

  • Total voters
Life is Life, I think is better!!

But you are so right te 80's music is great !! Love it to, but must say I love loats of different music !

Eline said:
Life is Life, I think is better!!

But you are so right te 80's music is great !! Love it to, but must say I love loats of different music !

I love all of them the same.. They are like my babies haha..

There are many others I didn't put here like Boney M -Daddy cool and Alphaville - big in Japan.. They are also amazing songs!!


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I like them all, Ali. I loooooove 80's music.

bEaCh BoY said:
like Boney M!!
Hehe you should have put Boney M - Brown girl in the ring..

*starts signing* There's a brown girl in the ring
Tra la la la la la
I was born in the wrong decade too, I should've been born in the 60's/70's!!! Deep down in side I'm just a big ol hippie...

Flowerpower, bongs, and the best music ever... The Doors, Cream, The Animals, The Troggs... oh momma stop me now I'm on a roll!!!


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Yeh 60's music is da bomb too. Girl groups of the 60's/70's...god it doesnt get much better than that...

I am listening to Paul Simon ''You can call me Al'' OH MY GODDDDD, there is just something about this song i adoreee....even if i hear it in a shop i start signing loudlyyyyyyy
I forgot to mention.. You can download the songs by clicking on the name.. If you haven't figured out..

*starts singing "you take myself, you take myself control"...*:whistle:
Oh god.. now I feel old.. I DO remember all of those songs and what's more, I had already left school when they were out!!!

There where some much better music around though, High energy music was big in the 80's.. now that is real dance music!! hahahahaha
Don't worry Finchie, I remeber these songs also. Takes me back to the school discos :D
Those were the days!!! lol
Wouldn't want to be wearing the clothes or have the hairstyles again though!!! Looking back at the old pix makes me cringe :eek:
I think that from 60's to 80's the best years of Music,, nowadays it s hard to listen cool songs.And most of the music and songs of the day are bullshit..


I'm listening to the songs right now.. ;) they're really good. I was surprised I knew most of them (most=2 :lmao: ).
I also like self control best:bigok: :whistle:
Hande said:
I'm listeneing to that song for the 36th time now.. :p still not bored..
thx beach boy ;)
Hey Hande!! I am glad you like 'em..
Here are bunch of other ones.. I hope you like these too..

Just click to download...

Alphaville - Big_In_Japan

Modern Talking - Cherry, Cherry Lady

Kaoma - Lalambada <-- Wow.. Does anybody remember the dance of this??

Kim Wilde -_You Keep Me Hanging On

Sandra_- Maria Magdalena

And some slow ones..:inlove:
Wham_- Careless Whispers

Eagles - Hotel California

Phil Collins -_In The Air Tonight