Pre-paid in Turkey

Please help me !!

Went yesterday to the phone-shop here but they could't really help me. I wanna buy a pre-paid cellphone so I can buy a pre-paid card in Turkey and call with a Turkish number this summer. It will be a hole lot cheaper for me than call with my Dutch subscription. And when I come back I can buy a pre-paid card here and use it again here in Holland.

The problem is they can't garantee me that my Dutch pre-paid cellphone (Nokia) will accept a Trukish pre-paid card !?!?!? :doh:
Does anybody know how this works ???

Ore maybe you can tell me is a cellphone is expensive ore not in Turkey, then I'll buy when there when I arrive ?!?!? :(

Advise, advise please !!



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in Turkey we use GSM 900/1800 system celular phones and we are using all the popular ones like Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Alcatel, ...etc. i dont think that you will experience any difficulty about it.

And second hand celular phones are pretty cheap here - you may also buy a new one here - not more expensive than Netherlands ;)

Dont worry about it
just come here :sweety:
Umit thanks for your advice.....but still 1 question...does my phone has to be "sim-lock free" ??? That's what they are telling me here..

And really I don't no shit about cellphone, can use them but that's really where it stops.. :(

Oh and Umit don't worry, I certainly are comming to Kus and visit you ;) Am looking for my ticket at the moment..!! When it's booked I all let you know so you can warn everybody...."the blond girl from Holland.. Eline is arriving "' ;)



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My mum has a Dutch vodafone mobiel, and it's sim free, they all are i think. I can put my English sim card in it and it works fine. So you shouldn't have a problem with a turkse sim card.
Call your phone provider and ask them if your sim is locked because i know the phone companies in Ireland lock their sims as Bilge was saying due to competition on the market. You have to spend a certain amount of money on the network before they will unlock your sim. Just call them and they will be able to tell you if their is conditions attached!